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App Valley Talks: Meet Paul Teresi from Skyscanner

Paul Teresi, Skyscanner digital media exec, will guide us through Skyscanner’s unique, scientific hacks of working towards sustainable app growth. Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site, is a place where people are inspired to plan and book direct from millions of travel options at the best prices. It serves 60M customers every month globally, in over 30 languages and 70 currencies. Check out the talk below:

One-on-one with Simone Grau – Performance Marketing Director at Medialabel

We recently sat down for a one-on-one session with Medialabel’s Performance Marketing Director Simone Grau. Check out this mobile expert exclusive Q&A in another episode of App Valley Talks. Seems like everyone is using mobile phones for shopping – can you share some numbers and statistics that you see among customers/apps that you work with? “We work with a lot of mobile first companies. 90 percent of their users are mobile users who use their apps daily to activate coupons or shop online when they are commuting to work.” Do you notice a difference in behavior when it comes to…