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App Valley’s Agenda Is Live, and It Rocks!
the app valley summit

The mobile revolution is here! It has been a decade since the app ecosystem as we know it emerged with the launch of the first iPhone. Nowadays, the Hockey stick-install growth barely happens overnight, instead, user acquisition budgets skyrocket and users are spending more time in fewer apps. Let’s face it – it’s not about growth anymore, “usage” hacking has taken over, and now it’s time to adjust our methods to excel in this changing ecosystem.
We at Appnext have been monitoring this revolution, and it’s now necessary to explore further. We put together the App Valley Summit to best prepare for the changing landscape ahead.
This week, we finally went live with our A-W-E-S-O-M-E agenda. We’ve rounded up the top experts in the mobile ecosystem to get their thoughts and predictions about the future of apps.  Make sure to check out each speaker for his or her personal insights. For the full list, click here.

An All-App Agenda!

State of the App Economy: 2017 and Beyond
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Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy In 2016

Voices from Appnext’s Elad Natanson and other industry  leader on:2016  Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy
Happy Reading!
Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy In 2016
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Happy Holidays from the Appnext Team

Blog_Hoiliday-600x262 (003)

It’s been a busy  year at Appnext . Our developer’s community has expanded to over 30 thousands developers worldwide. We just launched some interesting functionality across our platform for better performance , as well as announcing new ways to get your hands on highly engaged users, empowering everyone to deliver moments that matter.

In 2015,  Appnext continues to adhere to its core values of delivering interesting, contextually relevant content, boost app discovery worldwide and meet the  business demands.

First ,we’ve announced our partnership with Hisense, where our  App Discovery Widget is installed in the  Hisense’s mobile devices to recommend relevant,  personalized content and apps .  This partnership enables Hisense  to offer additional value and a personalized  experience to their users,  turning them into long-term, loyal and profitable customers.  With our  App Discovery Widget ,mobile operators, handset manufacturers and device distributors can now gain competitive…
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Appnext is ranked # 6 at the Top Mobile Ad Platforms in the USA

Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Let’s say you’re a mobile app developer or publisher, and you want to promote your app, generate leads or monetize it. We’ve talked about the top mobile app marketing agencies in the US for those who have developed an awesome app and don’t know how to reach their audience or which tools to use for it. This time, we’ve put together a list focused on the top 13 mobile ad platforms in the US, so you can count on the right service to achieve your goal.

Ready for it?
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Marketing Your Mobile App? Rethink App Stores (And Reach More Users)

YFS Magazine listed Appnext as one of the prominent mobile monetization and distribution platforms.
YFS Magazine (Young, Fabulous and Self-Employed), a digital magazine for startups, small business news and entrepreneurial culture, posted an article on marketing mobile apps. Within the piece, they give tips on enhancing app visibility with CPI campaigns. They listed Appnext as one of the prominent mobile monetization and distribution platforms.

Marketing Your Mobile App? Rethink App Stores (And Reach More Users)

By Prashant Sengar

November 16, 2015


A revolution in the mobile phone industry is unfolding. Major mobile phone platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry have created their own app stores to cater to mobile users.


These app stores host mobile apps and games, offering a one-stop-shop to download and update apps. Developers can register…
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Blog_IMG_Video_bonus (002)
This promotion comes on the heels of the Appnext’s native video ad solution, via which we already deliver higher eCPM rates to publishers and higher retention rates to advertisers.
The Appnext native video ad solution allows app publishers to integrate and distribute beautiful, contextually relevant app trailers using a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) based model, to drive quality downloads for both game and utility Apps. As we are extremely proud of our video products, we are excited to double any additional revenue you make throughout October and November 2015 (on video products only).
How it works?

In order to be eligible for the bonus, Appnext requires that you upgrade to our latestInterstitial Video SDK or our Rewarded Video SDK

Appnext will top up the extra revenue generated on a specific month with our video products as compared to the revenue you earned in the previous month*. Bonus period is October through November 2015.
Blog_IMG_Video_bonus 2 (003)
For example: if you’ve earned in September…
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How Indie Developers Can Survive In a Big-Budget World

Our founder, Elad Natanson, gives insight into Growth Hacking tools for indie developers in his latest piece for Forbes.
In 2015, the mobile economy is booming and app marketing is feeding the beast.
With millions of apps now on offer on both Apple AAPL +2.05% and Google GOOGL -2.91% platforms, it is harder and harder to build awareness for a new app. Large app developers, particularly mobile game companies, are spending enormous sums of money on marketing. Supercell, the developer of the popular Clash of Clans and Boom Beach spent $440 million USD on marketing and advertising in 2014. King, maker of Candy Crush Saga, spent $455 million. How can small startups and indie developers with no marketing budget compete in this landscape? It may seem impossible, yet there are many apps that have grown tremendously while spending little to no money on advertising.
One phrase you may have heard about is “Growth Hacking.” In general, growth hacking means finding ways to grow without spending money…
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Appnext Names Drippler a Premium Publisher

Recently Appnext, a leading monetization and discovery platform for mobile apps, named Drippler a Premium Publisher. To find out what that means for mobile advertisers we sat down with Jonathan Chizick, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Drippler to learn more.
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Why Appnext Above and Beyond.

In the app industry, Appnext is best known for its monetization capabilities and user acquisition. In the past two years, Appnext has grown from a small innovative startup into a well-known brand and a real-time platform that offers app developers a fast and easy way to generate revenue by creating an app distribution business. Developers can gain more quality users to engage with their app, while maintaining full control of cost and traffic. In fact, Appnext has grown so much, that our “shop” now offers a variety of tools. Here are the highlights of the Appnext product and service:

 1) Self-Serve Platform – Advertisers CPI

No need to wait for IOs to be signed, tools to be sent via email or Dropbox, or any type of human integration. It’s all there, waiting for you, at any given time of the day, to upload a campaign, edit it, set your bid, launch, pause, review and pay only for valid installs you generated. We’ll be there to give a helping hand when necessary.

2) Transparency

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