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How Encrypted Messaging Apps Have Become a Vital Tool for Surviving Warfare

This article was originally posted on The tragic conflict that is currently ravaging Ukraine has precipitated one of the biggest refugee crises in Europe since World War II. At present, an estimated 4.3 million people have fled their homes in Ukrainian towns and cities and escaped across the borders of neighboring countries. This mass exodus of civilians escaping war and the reality of a twenty-first century conflict in a developed region have brought into sharp focus the indispensable role of modern mobile technology during times of crisis. Mobile technology has for many years now been an indispensable piece of equipment…

Super-Apps, Hyper-Personalization and Traversing the Metaverse: 2022 Mobile Predictions

This article was originally posted on Are super-apps poised to take over Europe and the United States? Will 2022 see millions of people immersed in the metaverse? How can hyper-personalization further improve the customer experience? These were just some of the questions I put to a group of industry leaders and experts when I asked them to predict the most exciting and significant mobile developments we have in store for us over the coming year. According to App Annie’s Lexi Sydow, the average smartphone user experience will improve in 2022 thanks to major improvements in location-based technology and artificial intelligence…

Innovation, Personalization & Expansion: 2021 was a success and why 2022 will be better

What an incredible and jam-packed year 2021 has been! The last 12 months have been some of our busiest and most successful: we have launched a significant new product and won a prestigious award; we have dominated industry rankings and expanded into emerging markets. We now embark on 2022 buoyed by our triumphs and riding on a wave of momentum. This new year is shaping up to be our most exciting yet. One of the biggest highlights of last year was undoubtedly the January release of Appnext’s Out of Box Experience (OOBE). This new offering perfected our already unrivalled end-to-end…

How To Win On Mobile In 2021: Driving User Engagement, Embracing 5G, And Serving A Real-Time Experience

The role of device manufacturers and communication and services providers has never been more vital as smartphones are now recognized as our most indispensable device. They act as the gateway to our day-to-day schedules and activities, providing the core of connectivity and access to crucial information, services, social interaction, and entertainment.

2020 Was Unpredictable, But 2021 Could Be Even More Surprising

There is no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years. The last year has strengthened our belief that the ethos behind Appnext when it was founded 7 years ago has never changed: finding the right app exactly when you need it is vital in our technological and interconnected lives. In 2020, more than ever before, we have become dependent on mobile devices to maintain our day-to-day schedules amid the increasing disruption to our everyday activities. From fitness to travel and from shopping to communication, apps have provided the solution.