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Appnext Introduces It’s In-App Header Bidding
in-app header bidding

We’re pretty emotional about the release of our in-app header bidding and we hope you will be too! Publishers will be able to put the old fashioned waterfall system in the past and focus on their monetization future increasing eCPM by 20-40%.

Instead of working according to the waterfall method and basing bids on historical eCPM, publishers will receive a predicted real-time eCPM for every request and user, maximizing their monetization efforts.

in-app header bidding

By updating the SDK publishers will enjoy:

Real-time eCPM bid per specific request and user
App Install & Re-engagement Campaign blend
Fully transparent pricing

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In-app header bidding is currently available for Android and will be released to iOS in a few short weeks. For questions about integration or feedback about our in-app header bidding please feel free to contact us at

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Appnext Actions turns Every App into a “Super App”
Appnext Actions

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Appnext Actions. This patent-pending product turns apps into full-serving platforms by enabling seamless in-app integration of third party services, changing the way we interact with our mobile devices.


Appnext Actions from Appnext on Vimeo.
A “super app” experience
In the fierce competitive app jungle, it has become impossible to play by the old industry rules. It’s not about surviving the competition, it’s about winning, being the best and providing users with the ultimate product. The next generation of industry winners will be referred to as “super apps”: these apps will accompany users on their daily journeys, enabling them to do more with less, streamlining dozens of daily on-device tasks completed faster and more efficiently.

A great example of a super app is China’s Wechat. An average user spends an incredible amount of time within WeChat – more than 90 minutes daily, basically managing their entire life…
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Introducing Appnext Timeline Finally Target and Monetize with Context
appnext timeline technology

Something great is happening at this very moment. We’re launching Appnext Timeline, the next-gen user intelligence and targeting technology that will mark the end of the Ad-Tech “stone age” and start a new era.

Challenging the Industry status quo

Appnext Timeline is going to shift the focus from profile and ad views to real-life user context, concentrating on relevance, engagement, and user experience. In the past few years, the Ad-Tech industry made substantial progress in regards to user intelligence capabilities, enabling marketers to understand who their ideal users are (by demographics, geo, etc.). For example, a marketer behind a taxi app knows multiple parameters about different user segments. As a result, users are bombarded with ads that might be accurately targeted to their demographic profiles but are close to irrelevant for the current moment throughout their day.

Appnext Timeline – Mobile in Context

Appnext Timeline leverages location, real-time and historical…
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2016 – A Year to be proud of

This past year was truly transformative for Appnext and we have you to thank for it! While we are excited for all 2017 has in store, let’s look back at the tremendous year we shared.

Here are some of our 2016 proudest moments:

We went global

In addition to our beautiful offices in Tel Aviv and Cyprus we also opened international offices in 4 locations including: US, China, South Korea, and Ukraine, expanding our reach and ability to provide impeccable service.

appnext office

Appnext office

We tripled our team!

That’s right! Our team now has over 100 Appnexter’s and 60 more rockstars will be joining us for beer, ping pong and over the top happy hours in 2017.

team appnext

A video posted by Appnext (@appnextlife) on Dec 29, 2016 at 6:27am PST

appnext happyhours

We built new relationships

Expanding  our community to over 60K developers in 180 countries worldwide.

appnext community

We made growth happen

Making 3X the Revenue for our developers, enabling 1.29 B video views,…
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Appnext’s 2016 Christmas Bonus
appnext's christmas bonus

It’s almost time for Christmas! Countries around the world are starting to “dress” their cities in festive lights, and there is an addictive smell of pine trees and chestnuts in the air, while cheerful holiday music takes over radio stations.

Appnext is embracing the holiday spirit with a special Christmas bonus. We don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, we are thrilled to help you celebrate the holiday and fill your stockings by allowing you to make extra revenue throughout the festive month of December, using our SDK.

This is a limited time promotion ending December, 31st.

New Publishers*

To receive the bonus, integrate the Appnext SDK for Android or iOS and we will double the revenue you generate across a full mix of possible implementations, including Full Screen & Rewarded Video Formats, Interstitials, Native ads, and more!

How does it work?

If you started monetizing your apps and games with Appnext SDK in December 2017, we will double (!) all the revenue…
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Introducing Device and OS Targeting

Attention Developers! We just released a new platform version that enables OS and device type targeting.  

We have added 2 new sections on the campaign setting page:
1.Device type targeting:
Android campaigns will now be able to target phone or tablet devices:

device targeting

iOS campaigns can target iPod, iPhone or iPad :
ios device targeting
2.OS targeting:
Advertisers can now select a minimum OS version or specific OS versions to target:

os targeting

Sign-into the platform and start utilizing these new features today or check out other recent platform updates.

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Corona Labs Bonus

Exciting news for all developers using the Corona Labs Plugin.

From September 1st until October 31st, 2016, Appnext is giving away up to $300 in bonuses!
Who is eligible?
Mobile apps of any genre developed with Corona Labs.
How does it work?
Integrate Appnext’s plugin to your Corona-powered apps, and start serving premium video ads in your format of choice, including Interstitial, Full-Screen and Rewarded formats.

Appnext will give you an additional monetization boost in the first two months of activity.

September 2016. A $100 bonus will be added to your monthly revenue for the first 100K impressions generated with Appnext.
October 2016. You’ll get a $200 bonus for 200K impressions generated in the 2nd month of activity.
Things to keep in mind :

No incentivized traffic is allowed.

How will you receive payment?
Easy, the monthly results will be evaluated based on the Appnext reporting data. By the end of the bonus period, you’ll be able to claim your bonus by contacting…
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September Platform Updates
appnext platform updates

We are constantly working to perfect our platform and provide you with the best user experience so you can get the most out of your apps. Check out our latest updates and start taking advantage of our exciting new features.
Monetization Products
Advertising Campaigns
Monetization Products
native sdk's and plugins
We recently updated all of our monetization product family, including native SDKs and plugins to major development platforms, such as Corona Labs, Cocos2d, Phonegap and more.

Enjoy Appnext’s monetization products latest capabilities, working with any development framework and platform of your choice (iOS, Android). Try out different layouts, such as Native ads, Video Interstitial, Full Screen and Rewarded Video ads that come in both landscape and portrait modes. Not to brag or anything, but you have access to unmatched app video demand with over 2,5K live video campaigns.

appnextad units
Integration Guides


iOS Native SDK
Full Screen / Rewarded Video

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Introducing City Targeting


We are thrilled to announce the official release of City Targeting capabilities to the Appnext self-serve platform. We believe it will help thousands of Appnext developers launch their apps locally, as well as recommend laser-targeted apps and games to their users in over 70,000 cities across the world.

The new setup is intuitive and easy, you will see the new field on the “Add Campaign” page, and will be able to both include and exclude specific locations from the campaign targeting. Please note that you should create designated campaigns per each location you would want to appear separately in the reports.


It is exciting to go local, tailoring your message, and creative. For some apps, it’s an absolute must, while for the others it is a great opportunity to perform soft launches, and to try triggering the network effect of the local communities. We encourage you to be creative, and, of course, we always here to brainstorm ideas and answer any questions.
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