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Turning Your App Into A Business
turn your app into a business

In 2017, turning an app into a business is no walk in the park.

With such massive competition, you’ve got to have the right teams, resources, data, funds and endless willpower. However, there is still much to be learned from existing success stories.

When examining successful apps of 2016 we see that they all have common factors. They’re all innovative, social and have shown substantial growth. The difference between them is measured in many factors such as genre, size of teams and more. Some are location based, some are PvP (player versus player), some are live streaming apps and some are comprised of combined genres. While apps like, Unow and LiveMe are all about live services, others are focused on creativity. While some are teams of 12, others have teams of 100.

So the question asked is, why were they successful?

turning your app into a business

First, they were all innovative, with strong experienced teams, while the fact that they were heavily monetized didn’t hurt either.
The 3 pillars…
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Will 2017 Kill-off banner ads?
banner ads

10 years into the mobile revolution, and we are still carrying around this dead weight.

Yes, the banner ad. The most notorious ad unit out there. If you’re in the mobile ad tech industry, 300X50 and 320X50 are no strangers to you. They are the default option for every app that has no alternative monetization strategy, but also the choice of a lot of apps that do. After 10 years, will 2017 finally kill-off banner ads? Or, will they live forever in the bottom of our pages?  
Banner ads should be kept alive because…

They go well with web, mobile web and in-app. Most blogs and written content sites use banner ads that are shown to all users, including desktop users, creating an identical ad experience in every device.

They are easily implemented – short amount of code, same look in every screen and years of experience with these types of ads are still contributing to their popularity.

Can be shown throughout the in-app navigation, from menu until exit, contrary to other…
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2016 – A Year to be proud of

This past year was truly transformative for Appnext and we have you to thank for it! While we are excited for all 2017 has in store, let’s look back at the tremendous year we shared.

Here are some of our 2016 proudest moments:

We went global

In addition to our beautiful offices in Tel Aviv  and Cyprus we also opened international offices in 4 locations including: US, China, South Korea, and Ukraine, expanding our reach and ability to provide impeccable service.

appnext office Our Tel Aviv office

Appnext office

We tripled our team!

That’s right! Our team now has over 100 Appnexter’s and 60 more rockstars will be joining us for beer, ping pong and over the top happy hours in 2017.

team appnext Some of our rockstars

A video posted by Appnext (@appnextlife) on Dec 29, 2016 at 6:27am PST

[caption id=”attachment_1646″ align=”alignnone”…
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App Development Tools Game Developers Should Use When Building An App

As mobile app usage continues to increase and expand, those within the industry continue to create tools and applications that enhance, optimize, and streamline the app development process. As a mobile game developer, you must create fully-functional, beautifully-designed apps that not only serve a purpose but also entertain and engage your users so much that they keep reopening your app again and again.

Whether you’re an experienced mobile gaming developer with full coding knowledge or a beginner Indie developer with little to no development experience, there are plenty of development suites, platforms, design, and marketing tools that support and simplify the mobile game development process. Below are a few of our favorite tools you should have in your arsenal when developing a mobile game app.
App Development Suites & Platforms
unity for app development

Unity3D is arguably the most renowned and popular game engine available to you as a mobile game developer.

Unity allows you to interact…
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Paid Apps – Your Marketing Guide

Paid Apps: Then and Now
Since the development of the smartphone, mobile apps have been the forefront of the daily lives of millions across the globe. Mobile apps allow us to work more efficiently, stay better connected, and do more than ever before.

While there are countless app categories and subcategories, all apps can be divided into two hierarching categories – paid apps and free apps. Free apps tend to have higher download rates initially, but often lack engagement after download. Paid apps are often overlooked simply because they have a cost, and with so much competition in the app store, it can be easy for users to find a free alternative. Developers are challenged with finding balance between covering their overhead expenses and providing the best User Experience possible for their audiences. This balance is often found in a Paid App pricing model.
A Brief History of Paid Apps
Mobile Apps have been available for download in the Apple App Store, which at the time was an extension…
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Mastering In-App Monetization – Native & Rewarded Video Formats

Becoming an in-app monetization master requires knowledge, experience, and strategy. This article will provide you with the tips and insights you need, to achieve effective and successful in-app ad monetization.

Mobile App Monetization

Before we begin, let’s take a minute to think about the mobile ad industry. What does the future hold in store? A whole lot of money bag potential. The  graph below depicts the  amount of spend on mobile ads per year, from 2014 until 2018.

mobile ad spend

Though there is a slight decrease in percentage of growth, the amount of mobile ad spend continues to increase. Advertisers will keep spending money on ads, and by the end of 2018, the ad spend is expected to reach $120 billion dollars. That’s a whopping 50% increase compared to 2016 spend.

mobile app spend per user

This is how much Advertisers spend on each and every one of us. Well, guess what?  By the end of 2018,  advertisers will spend a bit more than $50 on every mobile user. For those of you who were poor math…
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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself – 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your App
5 mistakes to avoid when launching your app

You probably drank over 1,000 cups of coffee, fell asleep at the computer at least 20 times, and swore you would never develop another app more times then you can remember. You’ve worked hard (fricking hard) to make your app your version of perfect and now it’s time to release your baby right into the harsh world of new apps and let it soar (hopefully) to the top of the charts. You’ve worked too hard to let success slip away so, before you launch, grab your 1,001 cup of coffee and make sure to check out these 5 mistakes to avoid when launching your app.
1. Overlooking the importance of ASO
If you’re just about ready to launch, you’ve heard the term ASO (App Store Optimization) and hopefully, understand it’s significance. Some developers make the mistake of overlooking the importance of App Store Optimization, uploading their apps to the stores without an ASO strategy and leaving visibility and traffic up to chance. Do not be that developer!  According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered…
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Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions With These 7 Apps
new years resolutions

New Year’s eve is approaching and now is the perfect time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. We all need that one resolution that gives us hope for the new year. A personal promise we give to ourselves that we’re going to be even more awesome in the year to come.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they are elusive. We hold on to them until our midnight kiss and forget all about them the next morning. It’s not our fault, we work too hard and have way too much on our minds which is exactly why need to have them in the first place. In preparation for 2017, we put together a list of 7 resolutions you can choose from as well as the 7 apps that will help you conquer them.

Quitting Cigarettes

This resolution is always relevant. There are just so many smokers out there who want to quit and don’t know how to get started. If you’re taking on such a huge challenge you are going to need a support system. Smoke Free, stop smoking help uses a calendar to let you…
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Appnext’s 2016 Christmas Bonus
appnext's christmas bonus

It’s almost time for Christmas! Countries around the world are starting to “dress” their cities in festive lights, and there is an addictive smell of pine trees and chestnuts in the air, while cheerful holiday music takes over radio stations.

Appnext is embracing the holiday spirit with a special Christmas bonus. We don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, we are thrilled to help you celebrate the holiday and fill your stockings by allowing you to make extra revenue throughout the festive month of December, using our SDK.

This is a limited time promotion ending December, 31st.

New Publishers*

To receive the bonus, integrate the Appnext SDK for Android or iOS and we will double the revenue you generate across a full mix of possible implementations, including Full Screen & Rewarded Video Formats, Interstitials, Native ads, and more!

How does it work?

If you started monetizing your apps and games with Appnext SDK in December 2017, we will double (!) all the revenue…
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