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Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions With These 7 Apps
Conquer your New Year's resolutions with these 7 apps

New Year’s eve is approaching and now is the perfect time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. We all need that one resolution that gives us hope for the new year. A personal promise we give to ourselves that we’re going to be even more awesome in the year to come.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they are elusive. We hold on to them until our midnight kiss and forget all about them the next morning. It’s not our fault, we work too hard and have way too much on our minds which is exactly why need to have them in the first place. In preparation for 2017, we put together a list of 7 resolutions you can choose from as well as the 7 apps that will help you conquer them.

Quitting Cigarettes

This resolution is always relevant. There are just so many smokers out there who want to quit and don’t know how to get started. If you’re taking on such a huge challenge you are going to need a support system. Smoke Free, stop smoking help uses a calendar to let you…
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Appnext’s 2016 Christmas Bonus
appnext's christmas bonus

It’s almost time for Christmas! Countries around the world are starting to “dress” their cities in festive lights, and there is an addictive smell of pine trees and chestnuts in the air, while cheerful holiday music takes over radio stations.

Appnext is embracing the holiday spirit with a special Christmas bonus. We don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, we are thrilled to help you celebrate the holiday and fill your stockings by allowing you to make extra revenue throughout the festive month of December, using our SDK.

This is a limited time promotion ending December, 31st.

New Publishers*

To receive the bonus, integrate the Appnext SDK for Android or iOS and we will double the revenue you generate across a full mix of possible implementations, including Full Screen & Rewarded Video Formats, Interstitials, Native ads, and more!

How does it work?

If you started monetizing your apps and games with Appnext SDK in December 2017, we will double (!) all the revenue…
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10 Apps to be Thankful for this Turkey Day
apps we're thankful for

It’s almost Thanksgiving, a time for reflection and giving thanks. In my family, a time for stuffing our faces with obscene amounts of food, falling asleep before the dishes are done and blaming it on the tryptophan in the Turkey. Of course, my aunt doesn’t let anyone leave the table before we take turns saying what we’re thankful for, a tradition I hated as a kid. As you grow up (assuming you do) you start holding onto those traditions, recognizing their importance, adding your own little twists.

In the spirit of the upcoming Turkey day and new traditions, here are 10 apps we’re thankful for this holiday.

1)     MyFitnessPal

Since we are talking about THANKSGIVING we figured it would be best to start with a fitness app. Not to be a downer, but most of us WILL overeat this holiday (it’s part of the fun) and when the holiday will pass and we’re left with guilt (and gas) it’s great to have a good pal you can trust. With approximately 50 million downloads, MyFitnessPal (Available…
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Breaching the Japanese Game Market – Mission Impossible?
breaching the Japanese game market

Penetrating the Asian game market can be extremely difficult for both western companies and developers. We recently hosted a Meetup at our Appnext offices featuring Tomotaka Motoyoshi, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Mixi, Japan’s top mobile publisher and gained valuable tips and insights on the measures that can be taken to expand western presence and breach the Japanese market.
The Japanese Game market
According to Data from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan’s current population is around 127 million. Out of the entire population, there are only 16 million smartphone users (53% smartphone penetration per person). Despite the low numbers, Japan generates top game revenue in worldwide ranking. Games like Fate/Grand order currently available in Japan only, take 8th place on top grossing games worldwide.

top app revenue japan Taken from AppAnnie

If you examine Japan’s top iOS ranking, 90%…
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The Best User Re-Engagement Techniques for Your Marketing Arsenal
The Best User Re-engagement Techniques

Despite the overwhelming amount of time that online consumers spend in apps ( 90% of mobile time), a full one-quarter of all apps are used once — then never again.

re_engagmnet_techniques Credit: Smart Insights and Flurry

Anyone can think of a great app idea, and many more can even build and launch it to the masses, but the majority of apps fail to truly engage users over time.

Before discussing the art of user re-engagement, it would negligible to gloss over user engagement in the first place. It is essential that when crafting, building and launching your app, you first focus on engagement — how to create an app that encourages users to be constantly active in the app over an extended period of time — then re-engagement will be a lot easier.

Many well-known engagement strategies are:

Creating a landing page that is clean, simple and informative, with top features.
Requesting opt-in to push notifications.
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The App Launch Kit: Top Solutions
app launch kit solutions

You can only understand if  you’ve done it yourself — built your own app. You’ve spent your time, energy and money on it. It’s your baby. And now the time has come, to let your app fly free (also known as the launch) and conquer the world.

Last year, there were 25 billion iOS app downloads and a whopping 50 million Android downloads.

The table below from Statistica show the cumulative iOS app downloads from 2008 to 2015. You can see the growth is exponential, and will continue to grow this way:

app kit

You’re probably wondering: how can I compete in this over-saturated market? The art of the app launch can give you a leg up.

When an app is released to the stores it’s a crucial time for marketing, as the amount of installs an app gets within the first days significantly affects the ranking, which in turn leads to another surge in organic installs.

What should be in your app launch kit? Here are the top solutions to get your app soaring:
App Store Optimization
Your app…
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How To Monetize Mobile Apps: The Key Strategies You Need to Know
How To Monetize Mobile Apps: The Key Strategies You Need to Know

The world of mobile apps has seen exponential growth and change since the inception of the App Store in 2008. After the store’s launch, there were 552 apps, and the majority of them were paid. Fast forward to 2016, there are 4.4 million apps in both app stores. The vast majority of these apps are free — as users demand it that way. According to Mobile Gaming Insights Report by Soomla, only 3-5% of game users will convert to being paid users, and only 2% of the gamers still continue to use the game on the 30th day.

These are tough statistics, so the app industry had to adjust to meet consumer demands. Furthermore, app monetization may be tricky, and requires solid knowledge, and strategy. The questions always arises — should I place ads or not? How do I approach in-app purchases? Should I offer a premium paid package? Developers want the best user experience, but they have to turn a profit. We will discuss all types of app monetization strategies, both ad-based and not; as well as important…
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Elections for 2016’s best Gaming Apps are on!
2016's best gaming apps

All the drama and fun leading up to the upcoming  US election (November 8th for those of you who don’t follow)  has inspired us to hold our very own election. Our election will be packed with action and drama but it will be clean, fair, and honest, basically the complete opposite of a political election. Let’s Face it, at this point we don’t care about Hillary or Trump we just want you to vote for your favorite 2016 gaming app.

Below are our best candidates for the 2016 Gaming apps election. Explore each candidate and use your vote at the end to determine who will receive the majority of the votes and win the election.

the walking dead
1) The Walking Dead
This game available on Google play is not for those with a weak stomach. It’s  a five-part game series designed to capture the look and feel of the same universe as in Robert Kirkman’s successful Television series. Users who download this game will play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in…
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Top 5 App Icons of 2016
top 5 icons of 2016

Coming up with an amazing and innovative idea for an app and then executing it is one thing, but actually guaranteeing your app is downloaded and used is a whole different story. A company may have the best application out there but if they do not invest the time and energy to guarantee their app store optimization (AOS) is up to par, then there really is no point of their even creating an app. The good news is that app store optimization doesn’t mean having to spend big bucks. It simply means a company should follow a few ground rules in order to make sure their app is higher in the ranks, as well as take into account that optimizing for Google Play Store is quite different from Apple Store. One of the main things companies should focus on in their quest for AOS is their app’s icon.

Since the app’s icon is the very first thing potential users see, a company should know they’ll be judged by it. Users expect intuitive, beautiful and sometimes even magical experiences when using apps….
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Post-Launch Mobile App Advertising Techniques that Work Every Time
Mobile App Advertising Techniques

So, you’ve worked tirelessly on app development and you’re finally live on the market. Congratulations! … but you’re not in the clear just yet. With over 1 million apps on the iOS and Android marketplaces and only so much (or rather, little) room for organic visibility, your team would be wise to develop a post-launch advertising strategy that’ll help your app find its way to more loyal users. As more than half of all internet activity now takes place on mobile, it’s about time to get more intimate with the intricacies of these handheld devices in the sphere of app marketing and advertising outreach.
It goes without saying that you absolutely must put in time, effort, and analytical skill before launching to know exactly what you want achieve and to whom you are targeting your app and its offerings. Post-launch, it would be in your company’s best interest to revisit your targeting efforts to make sure either they’re on par with initial assessments or to tap into new sectors….
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