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Ad network and Mobile game consolidation – are they connected?
ad network vs game consolidation

The mobile ad tech is going through a lot of changes, with consolidation leading the way. NativeX, Inneractive, HeyZap, AdColony, Nexage, Avocarrot and many more were acquired during the past 2 years, and it seems this is only the beginning. The mobile ad tech is transforming, and only those with superior technology or size will survive.

Interestingly enough, the mobile gaming arena is going through similar changes. Recently, we have been witnessing quite a few gaming studios being bought by larger ones. Since both arenas are heavily related, could these two phenomenons be connected as well? Let’s take a deeper look into both.
Ad Tech VS Gaming
For the ad tech world, reasons for the era of consolidation are quite visible – with Facebook and Google ruling the mobile ad space, it leaves less space for a flourishing mobile ad network industry. As differentiation is limited and as ad networks invest a lot in both manpower and infrastructure, profitability is limited  making technology…
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If You’re Not Using Rewarded Video – Your Game May Be Over
rewarded video

When I was a young, awkward little kid I was always behind the current trends. No matter how hard I tried I could never keep up with all the crazy game changes the rest of the kids so effortlessly mastered. I got good at marbles when nobody cared, I learned hopscotch probably two years too late, and played with Barbie’s up until an age (I refuse to share) I probably shouldn’t have. What’s the point of my embarrassing little story? Not being able to keep up sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much as losing money because of it.

Now, let’s pretend (for your sake and mine) that you didn’t read that awful, maybe too personal confession of mine and focus on you. If you are a game developer looking to generate substantial revenue and live respectively off your apps, you MUST keep up with industry trends. In today’s case, the hottest trend/way to earn money comes in the form of rewarded video.
What is Rewarded Video?
Rewarded videos are video ad units designed to increase engagement and revenue…
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Introducing Device and OS Targeting
device targeting new feature

Attention Developers! We just released a new platform version that enables OS and device type targeting.  

We have added 2 new sections on the campaign setting page:
1.Device type targeting:
Android campaigns will now be able to target phone or tablet devices:

device targeting

iOS campaigns can target iPod, iPhone or iPad :
ios device targeting
2.OS targeting:
Advertisers can now select a minimum OS version or specific OS versions to target:

os targeting

Sign-into the platform and start utilizing these new features today or check out other recent platform updates.

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5 Steps to Boost your In-App Advertising Revenue
5 ways to boost in app revenue

They say the best things in life are free. Though this does not necessarily ring true for apps, in the consumer’s mind, free apps tend to be more appealing, especially in the realm of entertainment. While making your app paid is always an option, often times doing so can hinder the audience you reach as the majority of users are looking for something leisurely that won’t break the bank. There is a trend we see everywhere from online streaming for movies and TV, to free music, and of course the push for free apps.

Thankfully, ads deliver a solid solution for app developers to make a respectable income from their apps. However, if you choose to use in-app advertising as the means of supporting your business, it is critical to develop the right methodology to keep your app successful. Read on for the best ways to ensure you monetize your app the right way:

Choose the Right Ad partner

For any type of business, partnerships can mean the world. It is no different in app promotion. First…
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Differences between Android and iOS app monetization every developer should know
The major differences every developer should know about monetizing Android and iOS apps

Relatively new in the game of famous rivalries — among the likes of chocolate vs. vanilla and peanut butter vs. Nutella — is the mobile tête-à-tête of Android vs. iOS. While most major businesses will dip their feet in both waters, new and developing app providers should note the primary distinguishing factors between the two in order to strategically map out resources and development.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the ring:
Market Insights
Before getting started on app development, it helps to know the key differences between the market and customer base of the competing mobile devices. iPhone users are reported to be younger and more affluent than their counterparts, and Apple also boasts high numbers for brand loyalty and repeat customers. Additionally, iPhone users are more likely to engage in and spend time involved with a variety of mobile experiences across the board, including but not limited to social media, reading, and retail. With this propensity for “total”…
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3 Tips on Game Growth from Leading Mobile Wizards
tips to game growth

The goal of our meetups is to bring people and businesses together, and share important knowledge that can help our industry grow. We recently hosted a very successful meetup in Helsinki and now that the “party” is over and we’re all back home recuperating from all the fun, there are quite a few insights that can be learned from the mobile industry leaders who attended.
Check out “3 tips” on game growth from these mobile wizards

You are not the industry standard!
4 companies are controlling roughly 90% of top 50 grossing gaming income in the United States (Supercell, King, Niantic, Machine Zone) – they are buying the majority of volume – don’t compare yourself with them by following “market assumptions”. Instead, be clear & define your own expectations and metrics yourself regardless of market convention.

With tight collaboration of Marketing, Finance and Analytics – In 3 months we have decreased CPI with 25%, increased ROI with 65% and exceeded all metrics…
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3 Tips for Successful Satellite Apps From Developer Superstar Mikolaj Janeczek
Pokemon go guide

Warsaw based superstar developer Mikolaj Janeczek, created a Pokemon Go guide app shortly after the launch of Pokemon Go . The app was a hit, reaching over 5 million downloads in just 14 days. Here are his 3 tips for developers out there trying to make it with satellite apps.

1) Identify an app/game that is catching momentum and rapidly climbing the chart. find a good niche and create a unique app.

2) Think about what the user will get by using your app. Make sure your app is focused and simple, allowing you to launch as soon as possible.

3) Promote your new apps in your other apps and games, and promote your satellite app in forums and communities related to the core app like I did when I created Pokemon Go.

How did he do it? Check out our case study below:
Appnext: What inspired you to create the Pokemon Go guide?

Mikolaj: I got the idea from  my best friend. He was a fan of Pokemon GO, so we decided to create an advanced guide for all players. He made the…
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Corona Labs Bonus

Exciting news for all developers using the Corona Labs Plugin.

From September 1st until October 31st, 2016, Appnext is giving away up to $300 in bonuses!
Who is eligible?
Mobile apps of any genre developed with Corona Labs.
How does it work?
Integrate Appnext’s plugin to your Corona-powered apps, and start serving premium video ads in your format of choice, including Interstitial, Full-Screen and Rewarded formats.

Appnext will give you an additional monetization boost in the first two months of activity.

September 2016. A $100 bonus will be added to your monthly revenue for the first 100K impressions generated with Appnext.
October 2016. You’ll get a $200 bonus for 200K impressions generated in the 2nd month of activity.
Things to keep in mind :

No incentivized traffic is allowed.

How will you receive payment?
Easy, the monthly results will be evaluated based on the Appnext reporting data. By the end of the bonus period, you’ll be able to claim your bonus by contacting…
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September Platform Updates
appnext platform updates

We are constantly working to perfect our platform and provide you with the best user experience so you can get the most out of your apps. Check out our latest updates and start taking advantage of our exciting new features.
Monetization Products
Advertising Campaigns
Monetization Products
native sdk's and plugins
We recently updated all of our monetization product family, including native SDKs and plugins to major development platforms, such as Corona Labs, Cocos2d, Phonegap and more.

Enjoy Appnext’s monetization products latest capabilities, working with any development framework and platform of your choice (iOS, Android). Try out different layouts, such as Native ads, Video Interstitial, Full Screen and Rewarded Video ads that come in both landscape and portrait modes. Not to brag or anything, but you have access to unmatched app video demand with over 2,5K live video campaigns.

appnextad units
Integration Guides


iOS Native SDK
Full Screen / Rewarded Video

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Back to school – Going Back to The Basics with ASO Tips That Will get You Extra Credit
ASO tips back to school

The end of August is near and that means only one thing; summer break is out and school is in. The first of September always symbolizes a fresh start filling the air with the sweet smell of fall and bouquets of sharpened pencils. To celebrate the beginning of the school year we decided to “go back to the basics” and give you some ASO tips that will prevent your app from flunking out.
Knowledge is power
You’ll learn either the easy or hard way that ASO starts with you. In order to gain app discovery and downloads you need to know the fundamentals: your customers and competition.

The answers to this “quiz” will determine if you pass or fail

Do you know your targeted audience as well as you should?
Do you know the languages your audiences use?
Who are your competitors and what are they doing differently?
What makes your app better than your competitors?
Are you targeting similar keywords?
Why do people download your app?
Do you know how customers are using your…
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