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Elections for 2016’s best Gaming Apps are on!
2016's best gaming apps

All the drama and fun leading up to the upcoming  US election (November 8th for those of you who don’t follow)  has inspired us to hold our very own election. Our election will be packed with action and drama but it will be clean, fair, and honest, basically the complete opposite of a political election. Let’s Face it, at this point we don’t care about Hillary or Trump we just want you to vote for your favorite 2016 gaming app.

Below are our best candidates for the 2016 Gaming apps election. Explore each candidate and use your vote at the end to determine who will receive the majority of the votes and win the election.

the walking dead
1) The Walking Dead
This game available on Google play is not for those with a weak stomach. It’s  a five-part game series designed to capture the look and feel of the same universe as in Robert Kirkman’s successful Television series. Users who download this game will play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in…
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Top 5 App Icons of 2016
top 5 icons of 2016

Coming up with an amazing and innovative idea for an app and then executing it is one thing, but actually guaranteeing your app is downloaded and used is a whole different story. A company may have the best application out there but if they do not invest the time and energy to guarantee their app store optimization (AOS) is up to par, then there really is no point of their even creating an app. The good news is that app store optimization doesn’t mean having to spend big bucks. It simply means a company should follow a few ground rules in order to make sure their app is higher in the ranks, as well as take into account that optimizing for Google Play Store is quite different from Apple Store. One of the main things companies should focus on in their quest for AOS is their app’s icon.

Since the app’s icon is the very first thing potential users see, a company should know they’ll be judged by it. Users expect intuitive, beautiful and sometimes even magical experiences when using apps….
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Post-Launch Mobile App Advertising Techniques that Work Every Time
Mobile App Advertising Techniques

So, you’ve worked tirelessly on app development and you’re finally live on the market. Congratulations! … but you’re not in the clear just yet. With over 1 million apps on the iOS and Android marketplaces and only so much (or rather, little) room for organic visibility, your team would be wise to develop a post-launch advertising strategy that’ll help your app find its way to more loyal users. As more than half of all internet activity now takes place on mobile, it’s about time to get more intimate with the intricacies of these handheld devices in the sphere of app marketing and advertising outreach.
It goes without saying that you absolutely must put in time, effort, and analytical skill before launching to know exactly what you want achieve and to whom you are targeting your app and its offerings. Post-launch, it would be in your company’s best interest to revisit your targeting efforts to make sure either they’re on par with initial assessments or to tap into new sectors….
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7 Enchanting ways to Increase app Installs this Halloween
7 enchanting ways to increase app installs this halloween

Halloween is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays. There’s just something about all those Pumpkins and creepy Halloween decorations that get you in a childish mood and brings you back to those days of awkward costumes and pillow cases filled with candy. This Halloween, check out our bag of treats and get 7 enchanting ways to increase your app installs.
Make your description & keywords magical
When was the last time you reviewed your apps description? How about your keywords? If you want to gain app exposure and add more installs to your “pillow case” you’re going to need to have a magical description and keywords to match.

Make sure to utilize all the characters you have in the description
Talk to your potential customers – not to search engines. When you write your description try appealing to your users emotions.
Let your users know exactly what the value of your app is.
Tell a story, and tell it from the users perspective
Give an solution to a problem…
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Mobile Games Revolutionized Game Companies, Will AR & VR do the Same?
will VR & AR revolutionize mobile games?

Mobile games are taking over, gaining market share as better mobile devices allow for better game design, mechanism and overall experience. In fact, by 2020 the mobile games market will come close to taking almost half of the entire digital game market share:

AR & VR Taken from

This trend is being led by veteran game companies like Supercell, Kabam, Machine Zone, and Playtika as well as newer studios, rising to fame on the waves of the mobile and social experience. Some studios, such as EA and Gameloft (recently acquired by Vivendi), adapted quickly to the new technology and have not only remained in power, but became bigger than ever. Others, like GLU, struggled at first but found their way back on top. And, of course, quite a few studios (Digital Chocolate is a good example) could not keep up with the fast technological pace and ended up either shutting down or selling their remaining assets to other…
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How to Make Money from Apps and Build a Successful Mobile Business
Build a Successful Mobile Business

As far as high-tech goes, mobile reigns as one of the most popular subsets of the industry, and it’s only showing signs of further growth. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie to the mobile market, continue reading to find out how to make your app as financially rewarding as possible and foster a steady, scalable, and successful mobile business.
Use a blended model
Instead of focusing all your monetization efforts on one method (e.g. in-app advertising versus in-app purchasing, paid app versus free/freemium), test out the mobile waters by getting your feet wet in a variety of strategies. You’ll likely come to possess eye-opening insights by pursuing methods (or a mixture thereof) that you perhaps hadn’t initially anticipated to be rewarding. Older methods of advertising, for instance, that focused primarily on banner ads have been replaced by more engaging multimedia calls-to-action that generate more clicks and conversions than basic banners’ paltry 0.1% CTR. Video ads that organically…
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The 11 Best Mobile App Development Platforms of 2016
best-best mobile app development platforms

Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) have become a must in the business world, with practically every organization looking to add an app to their existing site, and entrepreneurs looking to bring their mobile application visions to life. What once required thousands of dollars, a vast knowledge in coding and a whole lot of time can now be done simply and cost effectively. So if you thought you knew who’s out there when it comes to cross-platform development, think again! Here are 2016’s top 11 mobile app development platforms. Now all that’s left for you to do is take your pick.

Mobile Roadie

Launched in 2009, Mobile Roadie is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create and manage their own iOS or Android app. The platform offers mobile marketing services as well as app creation tools and supports all media types, from music and events to sports and education. The platform which is now owned by Intellectsoft, an award-winning software services provider, has been used…
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Ad network and Mobile game consolidation – are they connected?
ad network vs game consolidation

The mobile ad tech is going through a lot of changes, with consolidation leading the way. NativeX, Inneractive, HeyZap, AdColony, Nexage, Avocarrot and many more were acquired during the past 2 years, and it seems this is only the beginning. The mobile ad tech is transforming, and only those with superior technology or size will survive.

Interestingly enough, the mobile gaming arena is going through similar changes. Recently, we have been witnessing quite a few gaming studios being bought by larger ones. Since both arenas are heavily related, could these two phenomenons be connected as well? Let’s take a deeper look into both.
Ad Tech VS Gaming
For the ad tech world, reasons for the era of consolidation are quite visible – with Facebook and Google ruling the mobile ad space, it leaves less space for a flourishing mobile ad network industry. As differentiation is limited and as ad networks invest a lot in both manpower and infrastructure, profitability is limited  making technology…
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If You’re Not Using Rewarded Video – Your Game May Be Over
rewarded video

When I was a young, awkward little kid I was always behind the current trends. No matter how hard I tried I could never keep up with all the crazy game changes the rest of the kids so effortlessly mastered. I got good at marbles when nobody cared, I learned hopscotch probably two years too late, and played with Barbie’s up until an age (I refuse to share) I probably shouldn’t have. What’s the point of my embarrassing little story? Not being able to keep up sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much as losing money because of it.

Now, let’s pretend (for your sake and mine) that you didn’t read that awful, maybe too personal confession of mine and focus on you. If you are a game developer looking to generate substantial revenue and live respectively off your apps, you MUST keep up with industry trends. In today’s case, the hottest trend/way to earn money comes in the form of rewarded video.
What is Rewarded Video?
Rewarded videos are video ad units designed to increase engagement and revenue…
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Introducing Device and OS Targeting
device targeting new feature

Attention Developers! We just released a new platform version that enables OS and device type targeting.  

We have added 2 new sections on the campaign setting page:
1.Device type targeting:
Android campaigns will now be able to target phone or tablet devices:

device targeting

iOS campaigns can target iPod, iPhone or iPad :
ios device targeting
2.OS targeting:
Advertisers can now select a minimum OS version or specific OS versions to target:

os targeting

Sign-into the platform and start utilizing these new features today or check out other recent platform updates.

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