Why You Should Stop Thinking CPI And LTV
re-engagement ads

Imagine trying to sell media to a Starbucks marketing manager. You’ve finally landed a meeting and you’re sitting in the over-sized chair with your sweaty hands holding your 3.59$ sugary ice caramel latte when he looks up at you and says those three magical words (in what feels like slow motion)“Sure I’ll buy”. And then comes the but “but, I only need to target new users who have never been to the store before”.

You will probably think he/she is crazy. I mean, what are the chances that a US citizen has never laid foot in a Starbucks? And even if such citizens exist – who guarantees that they will be loyal Starbucks customers for life?

Well, mobile markets do this. Even the attribution companies (as far as I know besides Appsflyer which allows a configurable lifetime window) will only credit an install to a source once in a lifetime. So, a user can install an app, never use it, uninstall it. Install 3 years later – and the media channel will not get the attribution for the install.

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In-app ads going once, going twice, sold! To the highest bidder!
in-app header bidding

Ever experienced the thrill of an auction? For some people, auctions are like sports. They can be a hobby or a way of life. The room quickly fills with different people looking to compete and bid on priceless works of art, classic cars, coins or maybe mystery objects they absolutely don’t need and probably don’t have room for. In Ad-Tech, auctions are a bit different. While they don’t include rooms filled with people, memorabilia or expensive collections, for publishers and advertisers they are just as exciting as they have the power to determine both viewability and revenue.

This article will review header bidding, the popular” auction” method on desktop and will discuss the future of in-app header bidding.
What in the world is header bidding?
Let’s talk a little about what header bidding really means.  If we simplify it, header bidding is just a few lines of code that goes in (you guessed it) the header of a web page. That same code allows publishers to present their inventory to…
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Appnext Actions turns Every App into a “Super App”
Appnext Actions

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Appnext Actions. This patent-pending product turns apps into full-serving platforms by enabling seamless in-app integration of third party services, changing the way we interact with our mobile devices.


Appnext Actions from Appnext on Vimeo.
A “super app” experience
In the fierce competitive app jungle, it has become impossible to play by the old industry rules. It’s not about surviving the competition, it’s about winning, being the best and providing users with the ultimate product. The next generation of industry winners will be referred to as “super apps”: these apps will accompany users on their daily journeys, enabling them to do more with less, streamlining dozens of daily on-device tasks completed faster and more efficiently.

A great example of a super app is China’s Wechat. An average user spends an incredible amount of time within WeChat – more than 90 minutes daily, basically managing their entire life…
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Developers all over the world are currently taking this survey
developer survey

We are excited to announce that the Developer Economics Q3 2017 survey, run by our friends at VisionMobile, has just been launched! This is the 13th developer survey, focusing on tools, training and career development. Every year more than 40,000 developers around the world participate in this survey, so this is a chance to be part of something big and make your own contribution to the developer community.
The survey features questions on topics like development resources and where to find them, tutorials and courses, distribution channels, developer tools and SDKs, as well as languages, platforms, app categories, new technologies, and revenue models. What’s great about this survey is that it is 100% relevant since it has been made by developers. Plus you will get to learn about new tools – and it only takes 15 minutes!
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developers survey
The Developer Economics survey is always designed to offer an extra fun…
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Game Monetization – Top Secret Tips
How To Monetize Games

People often approach me with questions about how they can successfully monetize their users.
While there are plenty of paths to successful monetization, I’m going to share with you the path that I find most important.

What is a game developer’s ultimate dream?
Most of you would say increased game downloads and game play, more revenue, or higher engagement on social media – as a game developer myself, all of these factors are important to me as well. There is plenty of documentation on how to make games ‘addicting’ and fun to play, and there is plenty of documentation on how a game can gain lots of users.
However, I’d like to share some of my secrets (some, not all) on how games can make money.
Let’s start with free-to-play games.
game monetization
Obviously, you all know that ‘free to play’ games are free to download and to play every day with no limit. Often, the user has limited access to certain features or content. Under this model, the user then has to pay a certain amount for premium…
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Mobile App Security
mobile app security

Common Mobile App Security Threats and Making Your Mobile App More Secure
In a recent survey, Arxan found that despite the ever-increasing threat to app data and mobile app security, only 32% of respondents said that their organization feels an urgency to secure mobile app data, and only 42% of respondents said that their organization felt securing IoT app data was an urgent matter. For many companies, the lack of budget for proper security measures means that corners are often cut in security, risking both sensitive company data and private user information.

Additionally, over 429 million identities were reported compromised, and a Symantec report claims that at least 113 million compromised identities were not reported by the company at fault. Including the estimated amount of unreported breaches, it’s estimated that more than 500 million sets of personal information were exposed in 2015.

mobile app security Taken from www.symantec.com
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Introducing Appnext Timeline Finally Target and Monetize with Context
appnext timeline technology

Something great is happening at this very moment. We’re launching Appnext Timeline, the next-gen user intelligence and targeting technology that will mark the end of the Ad-Tech “stone age” and start a new era.

Challenging the Industry status quo

Appnext Timeline is going to shift the focus from profile and ad views to real-life user context, concentrating on relevance, engagement, and user experience. In the past few years, the Ad-Tech industry made substantial progress in regards to user intelligence capabilities, enabling marketers to understand who their ideal users are (by demographics, geo, etc.). For example, a marketer behind a taxi app knows multiple parameters about different user segments. As a result, users are bombarded with ads that might be accurately targeted to their demographic profiles but are close to irrelevant for the current moment throughout their day.

Appnext Timeline – Mobile in Context

Appnext Timeline leverages location, real-time and historical…
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30+ App Design Tools Every App Developer Should Know
app design tools

It’s no secret that app design will have a huge impact on the desire of people to download and continue to use your app. We’ve selected the very best app design tools to help you create beautiful, amazing mobile apps. We’ve ordered them by the beginning stages of sketching and object creation then proceeded onto wireframes, prototyping, and adding finishing touches to your mobile apps.
Early Sketching
iOS Sketch Paper
Many designers and app developers prefer to start off the initial app design process with the good old traditional pencil and paper. iOS Sketch paper is generally a great place to start, with a dot grid for alignment and several screens per sheet. There are even markers along the screen frame to help you align windows, popups, and placement of notifications and buttons. iOs sketch paper is available for devices with iOS 10 (iPhones) or iOS 7 (iPads, iPhone 5), and comes with both a landscape and portrait mode for each device.
Android Sketch Paper
Same concept, different…
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10 Things Business Owners Need to Know Before Creating an App
creating an app

The potential of apps in today’s market is astronomical – the kings of the store are making over £60,000,000 off an investment of around £110,000. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same, all you need is that golden ticket of an idea, a great marketing strategy and a large budget for both development and marketing. Here are the best 10 pieces of advice I can give you if you’re looking to dive into the business of app making.
1 What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?
When creating your app design, don’t get caught up in making it have too many features. This might seem counterintuitive, but you’re not trying to give someone the inspector gadget’s hat of apps – you want to be solving a single problem. You won’t score points with your testers if the complexity of your app overrides its core purpose.
2 Competitor Research
Take the time to download some of your competitor’s apps and see what they’re doing, and more importantly, ask yourself, how you can do it better. You shouldn’t be making…
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