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3 Key Components of In-App Monetization Every Mobile Maven Should Know
3 Key Components of In-App Monetization Every Mobile Maven Should Know

The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ has dominated the public vernacular for quite some time now. While apps are constantly being developed and introduced to the mobile market to the tune of a million plus, only the strong will survive if they reach a substantial ROI: as per Vision Mobile’s State of the Developer Nation in 2015’s Q3, a whopping 51% of developers earn less than $500 in revenue per month. While you may have an incredibly developed app with engaged users boasting an attractive UX and a number of other highly important and influential factors, your monetization model must be in healthy shape if you want your app to survive and succeed for the long haul.

Via Clear Bridge Mobile/Statista

Each method of app monetization comes with its own costs and benefits. Paid apps will enable cash flow from the fore, yet the lack of a free version may lead to decreased exposure for your brand; in-app purchases allow users to test out the product and advance accordingly by reaching levels…
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3 Things the Olympics and App Business Have in Common
Olympics vs app business


Today’s app market is so competitive that much like Olympic athlete’s developers around the globe are struggling to beat the competition, gain exposure, and get “gold” from their apps. With the 2016 Olympics currently taking place we decided to show you 3 things the Olympics and the app business have in common.
Ready – get set – Go!
Nothing like a little bit of Competition
If you think about it, the app business is exactly like the Olympics except the main event doesn’t happen every four years it’s a year-round, daily competition that requires constant maintenance, hard work, blood sweat and tears. The strong survive and the weak are forgotten.

Olympic athletes and app developers share similar pains. They both work/train hard and compete against hundreds (thousands in the developer’s case) of rivals for a chance of fame, prestige, exposure, and money. Each month more and more new apps are submitted to the App Store and Google Play. According to the App…
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Introducing City Targeting


We are thrilled to announce the official release of City Targeting capabilities to the Appnext self-serve platform. We believe it will help thousands of Appnext developers launch their apps locally, as well as recommend laser-targeted apps and games to their users in over 70,000 cities across the world.

The new setup is intuitive and easy, you will see the new field on the “Add Campaign” page, and will be able to both include and exclude specific locations from the campaign targeting. Please note that you should create designated campaigns per each location you would want to appear separately in the reports.


It is exciting to go local, tailoring your message, and creative. For some apps, it’s an absolute must, while for the others it is a great opportunity to perform soft launches, and to try triggering the network effect of the local communities. We encourage you to be creative, and, of course, we always here to brainstorm ideas and answer any questions.
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June Bonus for SDK Publishers




The mobile industry is going through a lot of changes recently, and the lack of stability is keeping many away from stable amounts of revenue. This is a very good reason to remind you that at Appnext things are moving forward as well, but your revenues and the support level remains high. So, as all of you are contemplating on what monetization partner to choose next –
Appnext is inviting you to join and double your revenues for more than a month and a half. We are sure it will make you feel comfortable our service. No migration, no company changes – we are here for the long run.
Bonus period:
May 6th – June 30th.
Whatever revenue you make in May – we’ll double it. The extra month-over-month revenue in June will be added up. (Example: if our dashboard shows $700 revenue in May – we pay you $1,400. If it shows $1,000 in June – we will add up $300 to your total June earnings).
Current Appnexters:
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How to Build an App Marketing Strategy that Stays Relevant

It’s safe to say the world of Mobile Marketing is moving quicker than we can blink. What was relevant two years ago is now almost entirely obsolete. That’s why marketers need to stay far ahead the game in order to ensure our app marketing strategy and customers are with us for the long hall.

Though trends in mobile are constantly coming and going, there are certain aspects that remain consistent. So in order to stand the test of time, it’s important to keep on trend, while strengthening these classic mobile marketing tactics, which we have always relied upon.
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3 Ways to Increase In App Advertising Revenue

The entertainment industry is exploding far beyond what it was five or ten years ago. Gone are the days where entertainment encompassed a standard blend of TV, movies, social media, and video games. Nowadays, new apps are coming into fruition on a daily basis for the sole purpose of providing fun and games for users right on their phones. With new mobile games coming up almost every day, it seems that the demand keeps growing, as users keep coming back for more.

But as the industry is steadily becoming more and more mature, the monetization question is always burning at the back of all developer’s minds. Obviously, if your game is paid for, developers automatically derive a source of income from the download fee. However, since often times paid games are less popular than the free version, many developers choose to make ads their primary monetization strategy. 
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If App Videos Won Oscars

The 2016 Oscars were truly a momentous occasion. Since video trailers seemed to be the theme of the year, being heavily involved in the app world, we naturally wondered,
“What if, for the first time, there were Oscars for App Videos?”
What would the awards be and who would be the key players?
Considering the explosion of this video format, app developers should be stars of a creative revolution, expanding the thinking beyond static multi-size formats. From basic app walkthroughs, through 3D animation to blockbuster app movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liam Nissan, Christoph Waltz, and others, with budgets exceeding $10M and well worthy of the Oscar red carpet, they deserve star treatment. It’s time for the App Video Oscars.
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Get a trip to GDC – February Promotion

Win a trip to GDC


It is that time of the year again! GDC San Francisco, the world’s largest event dedicated to the game industry, is fast approaching on March, 16-18. This year we invite you to be a part of the Appnext GDC delegation.

All Android game developers using the Rewarded Video SDK are welcome to claim their boarding passes to the Appnext GDC shuttle. Join the February bonus program, reach the bar and get a guaranteed trip to GDC, fully sponsored by Appnext.


Pamper you users for watching stunning app trailers with the Appnext Rewarded Video SDK.
Reach 5M impressions until March, 5th.
Pack your suitcase and don’t forget to visit us at Booth #2235.

Newsletter_MWC - email communication_button

Eligibility: Android gaming apps of any genre, using the latest Appnext Rewarded Video SDK.
The Bonus Program. An eligible app developer will get a fully sponsored trip to GDC San Francisco 2016 (including a flight, a conference pass and accommodation) upon reaching…
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The New Android SDK Release

SDK Release_Blog

We are happy to announce the new release of the Appnext Android SDK. The new SDK is designed to give you even greater display freedom and reporting flexibility, and allow you to enhance in-app user experience. The new version includes the following modifications:


The Appnext developers can now integrate a single SDK to display different full-screen discovery formats:

Static Image Only
Video Solo
Video & Image Duet


It’s not a secret that video units bring great results to both publishers and advertisers. Besides, users love watching colorful, and often funny app trailers. However, in many cases the internet accessibility and speed can ruin the experience. That is why the new SDK allows you to set your own video play rules, by supporting auto or manual play modes.


The new SDK extends the postback capabilities for the rewarded video format, allowing the publishers to track and reward the users upon…
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Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy In 2016

Voices from Appnext’s Elad Natanson and other industry  leader on:2016  Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy
Happy Reading!
Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy In 2016
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