Appnext has partnered with AppsFlyer to significantly improve how ad engagement is measured, responding to the demand for detailed and transparent metrics in a privacy-focused digital landscape. This partnership empowers advertisers with thorough insights into user interactions utilizing AppsFlyer’s cutting-edge Enriched Engagement Types.

Traditional ad metrics, such as view-through and click-through rates, have historically provided a narrow perspective on user behavior. The rise of innovative ad formats—such as playable ads, skippable videos, and short-form content to name a few—has added a new layer of complexity to the advertising landscape. While these formats offer engaging ways to captivate audiences, they also introduce new challenges for measurement. By integrating with AppsFlyer, Appnext addresses these challenges head-on. The collaboration leverages Enriched Engagement Types to capture a full spectrum of user interactions, from brief glances to direct responses. This comprehensive approach ensures that every user action is accounted for, providing advertisers with a deeper understanding of how their ads perform. This depth of insight allows for more informed decisions and better optimization of ad spend.

Detailed engagement metrics are vital for advertisers to craft successful campaigns. Through AppsFlyer’s advanced tools, Appnext delivers transparent and detailed engagement metrics, making it easier for advertisers to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts accurately. Advertisers now have access to in-depth analyses of how users interact with their ads, offering new perspectives on user behavior and aiding in the refinement of ad strategies. The result is a complete view of the user journey, from initial recommendation to ultimate engagement. By capturing detailed user interaction data—such as engagement length, frequency, and follow-up actions—advertisers can better meet user needs and improve outcomes.

This collaboration empowers Appnext’s clients to elevate their campaigns to the next level in a digital landscape centered on personalized advertising. By leveraging deeper insights into user behavior and refining strategies based on detailed data, advertisers are primed for future developments in the ever-evolving digital advertising space.

For more information, advertisers should reach out to their Appnext account manager or explore AppsFlyer’s Help Center.

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