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The Global Coronavirus Lockdown is Transforming the App Economy

Global pandemic lockdowns are affecting all industries across all verticals, and it’s no different in the app world. We are collectively turning to our smartphones like never before to navigate our way through this ‘new normal’, and it’s turning the app economy upside down. Find out how the coronavirus is currently disrupting crucial market segments, and what immediate and long term impact COVID-19 may have on the future of apps.

The New Decade Unfolds (Literally) with Foldable Phones 2.0

It’s an exciting time for app advertisers, OEMs and operators as foldable tech becomes more and more mainstream. A big advantage of foldables will be the additional screen space to place apps in a less crowded way. Moreover, users will interact with apps in novel and more intuitive ways. Here at Appnext, we know that on-device app placements are already a highly effective marketing technique for advertisers and app developers, and the scope of this type of unified service will only grow with the rise of devices that use foldable screens.

The Recommendation Platform Revolution

2019 is not over yet; however, it has been an incredible year for Appnext: we’ve been working hard on building a unique app recommendation engine to serve mobile users at 80% of their device usage time outside the duopoly apps. This technology is integrated with over 10,000 placements powering over 2B app recommendations daily to 300M DAU globally, interacting on average 20 times a day with every single user.This milestone marks the results of the recent shift we made presenting an exciting new layer of personalized daily app discovery experience, evolving from in-app to on-device placements. Here’s how a personalized…

New Year’s Resolutions for App Developers

As we move from 2018 to 2019, the world collectively sets goals and makes promises to make themselves better in some way. More often than not, these goals include getting in shape, learning a new skill, or finally completing that project that’s been put off. Sometimes, these resolutions for the new year include goals aimed at improving your career, and if you’re an app developer, there are plenty of areas of your craft that can be improved. We’ve put together 5 New Years Resolutions for App Developers to help you make 2019 the best year for your app yet.

The 2018 State of Mobile in India

If you have been following global tech and mobile economies in recent years, then you are well aware of just how expansive the Indian mobile economy is. The rapid growth seen in India’s emerging app market is a result of a vast population, inexpensive and easily accessible data, and an exploding increase in demand for the latest smartphone devices. As of late, India is seen as a mobile-first (if not mobile-only) app economy that relies heavily on non-organic (paid) discovery methods to promote mobile app growth. India’s mobile app market has outpaced the US market in for number of downloads,…

7 Things You Didn’t Know About the South Korean App Market

Though smaller in size than its neighbors, South Korea remains one of the largest economic ecosystems in the world, and continues to show high rates of economic growth with every passing year. In fact, South Korea ranks first for global smartphone penetration, with a whopping 96% of the population owning a smartphone. South Korea’s high smartphone penetration rate, strong connectivity and data capabilities, and advanced telecom infrastructure make it one of the strongest, most lucrative app economies in the world. It’s estimated that, on average, South Koreans use smart devices 4 hours per day, using around 45 different apps per…