Orit Sharon


7 Things You Didn’t Know About the South Korean App Market

Though smaller in size than its neighbors, South Korea remains one of the largest economic ecosystems in the world, and continues to show high rates of economic growth with every passing year. In fact, South Korea ranks first for global smartphone penetration, with a whopping 96% of the population owning a smartphone. South Korea’s high smartphone penetration rate, strong connectivity and data capabilities, and advanced telecom infrastructure make it one of the strongest, most lucrative app economies in the world. It’s estimated that, on average, South Koreans use smart devices 4 hours per day, using around 45 different apps per…

7 Ways to Monetize your App Without Scaring off your Users

The app economy is expected to reach over $100 billion in global revenue by the year 2020. Despite this astronomical revenue, failing to monetize is one of the most common reasons why app publishers abandon the app market altogether. In fact, a study from Clear Bridge Mobile found that more than half of mobile app developers generated little to no revenue from their mobile apps in 2017. App publishers know that the best way to make money from their apps is to sell ad space. However, most app users find any type of advertisement that interrupts their user of an…