We recently sat down for a one-on-one session with Medialabel’s Performance Marketing Director Simone Grau. Check out this mobile expert exclusive Q&A in another episode of App Valley Talks.

Seems like everyone is using mobile phones for shopping – can you share some numbers and statistics that you see among customers/apps that you work with?

“We work with a lot of mobile first companies. 90 percent of their users are mobile users who use their apps daily to activate coupons or shop online when they are commuting to work.”

Do you notice a difference in behavior when it comes to shopping behaviors in different segments and markets?

“The Shopping and e-commerce world is different than gaming. Gaming app users can engage with the app every day, use it every day, the retention rates are different. Shopping apps have different retention rates. You don’t buy something every day so you need to look at different KPIs and measure them accordingly.”

App growth, user acquisition, and re-engagement are frequently used terms among the app industry, there are many methods and ways to achieve good results. What are you doing for your clients to help them obtain good results?

“We check our clients’ organic users. We examine their behaviors, check different channels and check different KPIs like second-day retention, shopping coupon activation, user re-engagement. We  also know where to buy media that fits the clients’ wishes.”

Can you share some more tactical tips for UA and re-engagement?

“It’s Important to understand the organic user base and compare other channels. Know your data so you can understand which channels work for you. “

The industry is talking about a way to get the user’s attention and create awareness. As a digital agency, how can this be done?

“A lot of the users’ attention is determined by the app’s UX. If the app’s UX is not good the users won’t stay. It’s important to get the users’ feedback from app stores so you can understand the users’ needs and improve the app. “

There is a current hype around AI and machine learning, is your company engaged in this?

“We use different AI tools to explore different metrics that help us fight fraud. “

Can you explain how your agency uses influential marketing?

“We are building a dashboard for influencers and advertisers. The advertiser can pitch or the influencer can pitch to run the advertiser’s campaign. We help with performance-based advertising and branding to influencers. This could be app installs or branding campaigns for an app. Clients like this because influencers use something in their feed that fits their users. “

Can you describe your work with Appnext?

“We use Appnext for user acquisition. We test Appnext against other channels and shift the budget if needed. We’re reaching good volumes and we’re happy.”

If you could change something in the industry what would it be?

“I would like to see people be more open about their KPIs. “

And if you had 100 Euros to spend on marketing? Where would you spend it?

“I would start with Facebook because there is a low threshold of CPI. You can get good volumes, but later on, move to others.”

About Medialabel

Medialabel is a digital marketing agency focusing on mobile marketing and influencer marketing on a performance basis.


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