The competition across app installs has never been fiercer than right now. At present, there are more than 6.5 billion smartphone users worldwide with close to nine million apps vying for their attention.

According to Appnext data, there was huge growth across every major app vertical in 12 months between 2020 and last year. In the finance category there was a 425% increase; food and drink category enjoyed global growth of 337%, and there was a 402% increase in the news and magazines vertical. Smaller but still sizeable levels of growth were recorded in shopping and entertainment categories, totaling 263% and 93% respectively. Such cutthroat competition has had a resulting impact on user acquisition spending – a massive 202% in the year between January 2021 and December 2021 – as developers and marketers battle it out to be seen in the crowded market place. Critically, these stats demonstrate why it is so important for developers to partner with the right mobile marketing platform.

The smartphone device itself represents one of the most valuable advertising tools in a marketer’s arsenal. The ability to place recommendations right before the eyes of hyper-engaged users is unmatched compared to other advertising mediums. Appnext’s on-device recommendations allow developers and marketers to leapfrog the usual user acquisition challenges by targeting users at critical ‘decision-making’ moments.

The software that underpins on-device recommendations is Appnext’s proprietary AI-driven ‘Timeline’ technology, which is able to accurately pinpoint user intention and serve recommendations accordingly. This unrivalled intelligence tool relies on critical device signals and translates them into completely individualized user timelines: Appnext tech recognizes when a user is at work, school or travelling and intersects this information with daily activities, for example, listening to music, commuting or eating. This real-time user data is rendered into ‘contextual moments’ – they are ideal windows of engagement where users are almost guaranteed to respond positively to a recommendation. For example, a taxi app when a user is looking to travel somewhere or a food delivery app when they are going to eat.

The launch of Appnext’s Out of Box Experience in January 2021 completed an end-to-end user experience by introducing dynamic preloads and a set-up wizard that guides users through their first experience with a new device. Developers and advertisers have a unparalleled opportunity to engage with users when they are populating their devices for the first time. Crucially, developers and advertisers are assured that their apps are being seen by the most relevant users: a seamless onboarding experience successfully navigates the first interaction with users by programmatically pre-installing apps according to specific targeting such as location, device model and local language. Users are empowered with the flexibility to select the apps and services they would like to have on their device in their language of choice. User attention is captured in a way that is natural and unobtrusive and they are rewarded with recommendations they desire. These are the apps they will reuse time and time again.

Appnext’s data confirms that marketers must look outside of the traditional user acquisition channels to ensure sustained growth today. Partnering with a platform such as Appnext, which works with many of the world’s leading OEMs and manufacturers, is a fast track to user acquisition success by giving advertisers are the opportunity to connect with and onboard their ideal users.


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