Indonesia’s mobile landscape is transforming. In recent years, its app economy has been growing at a record pace, in part thanks to the proliferation of entertainment, e-commerce and fintech apps, which have been embraced by Indonesia’s smartphone-savvy millennial and Gen-Z consumers. 

Appnext recently held an event in Jakarta in partnership with RevX, focused on new app marketing strategies at the device level which bring a dramatic change in user acquisition methods. With some top-level speakers leading the debate, we were able to get a view of the new era of app discovery, including advice on best practices for end-to-end customer experience, from device-level app discovery to measurement, attribution, and optimization.

The Evolution of App Marketing 

Opening this insightful afternoon was our keynote speaker Roshat Adnani, Managing Partner, APAC, of M&C Saatchi Performance, who took us through a deep dive into the remarkable evolution of app marketing since 2008. Our key takeaways from this session were to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, build reliance and innovate around contextual marketing, all of which have been accomplished by Appnext and which were covered in the following session by Appnext’s Country Manager in Indonesia, Arthur Surya. 
As Surya explained, Appnext is playing a pivotal role in reshaping the way users discover and engage with mobile apps. For advertisers, our discovery solutions have been a game-changer by allowing them to target the most relevant user segments with recommendations that are generated according to intent and delivered at key engagement moments. The integration of Appnext’s on-device discovery technology on the devices of leading OEM brands in Indonesia, and also worldwide, has carved out a new channel for engaging with Android users at scale.

App marketing’s impact on business 

The next speaker was Appnext customer RedDoorz, with the company’s Senior Digital Marketing Lead Angga Warella giving an overview of app marketing’s influence on businesses. He revealed that with Appnext’s discovery solutions, RedDoorz has reached new users who were not exposed to the brand before via device-level recommendations as part of their entire marketing plan. As a result, RedDoorz has seen app transactions increase by four times, compared with web bookings which have seen half the level of increase.

Why retarget?

Pranesh Sharma, RevX Director of Product, took us through the importance of retargeting: as repeat purchasers are spending more when compared to first-time purchasers, retargeting is key to increasing revenue. He also spoke about how vital innovative ad creatives are to help brands stand out in a crowded market, connect with customers and build long-term relationships.

You can only improve what you measure 

To close what was a highly informative and motivating event, we heard from Luthfi Anshari, Customer Success Team Leader at AppsFlyer, who spoke on multi-channel user acquisition strategies and took us through the importance of measurement and attribution.

Indonesia’s mobile app market holds immense promise this year and beyond. However, to succeed in this dynamic landscape, understanding the country’s diversity and cultural nuances is crucial. Appnext’s technology continues to be instrumental in driving growth and connecting users with apps that cater to their needs, ensuring a vibrant and evolving mobile economy in Indonesia.

Appnext’s technology has had a transformative impact on Indonesia’s mobile landscape, revolutionizing the way users discover and engage with entertainment, fintech and e-commerce apps. As Indonesia’s digital economy continues to thrive, Appnext remains at the forefront of enabling seamless mobile experiences and empowering app developers and marketers to tap into the country’s immense potential.

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