Dear Colleagues, Customers, Partners, and Friends,

I am excited to share that Appnext has entered an agreement to join forces with Affle (NSE: AFFLE) to establish the #1 app discovery platform across India and SEA and a new global force in the mobile advertising space.

When we established Appnext 7 years ago, I had the vision of changing the way people experience apps by building a unique solution that focuses on high incremental value to our customers and partners.  I believed then, and I still do, that discovering the right app at the right time is essential in our connected world: it is the key to well-being, education, social, transportation, travel, fun and everything in between. As mobile devices are now our day-to-day gateways to everything in life, should we only be able to help people discover what matters to them, we shall have made our small contribution to today’s world.

The path was not always rosy

Appnext has been serving the mobile ecosystem for the last 7 years and it still feels like Day 1 for us. We’ve seen a mobile marketing ecosystem that is evolving and developing, a competition that is changing. On our way, we’ve encountered ups and downs, times of ultra-scale and times of tough decisions to scale down. At times it felt impossible to make the transition; we have had to iterate and learn on the go and that is what brought us where we are today.

While we have had to change our offerings and adjust our products, we never lost sight of our main mission. Thankfully, it’s been a successful journey and we have managed to gain the trust of our employees, partners and clients and to deliver on our mission. At this point, Appnext is already serving over 4 billion daily app recommendations with an average of 20 daily interactions with every single user, every day in over 40 countries worldwide.

Entering the OEM arena

The stand-out milestone was most certainly our OEM journey, which started 2 years ago. We created a unique technology including touchpoints of ‘Apps you may use next,’ integrated it in over 10,000 placements and embraced a zero-tolerance approach on fraud.  This evolution from in-app to exclusively and revolutionary device-level app discovery changed the game for us. Devices manufactured by top OEMs such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo, to name a few, have integrated our unique recommendation engine generating a new layer of discovery experience for mobile users and opened up an array of possibilities for new discovery touchpoints.

Now for some fun facts…

The Appnext platform currently serves 4 billion daily app suggestions integrated with more than 10 thousand mobile touchpoints to 300 million daily active users (DAU) worldwide.

Appnext recently appeared  in three prestigious app marketing leaderboards:

Kochava awarded us the coveted top spot for the best in-app platform for user retention quality as well as second place in the overall rankings.

Appsflyer has ranked us as the leading independent app discovery platform in India & SEA  and we are also featured in the top 10 of Appsflyer’s Growth Index, thanks to our platform gaining traction in Indonesia and Eastern Europe.

Most recently, Appnext has been recognized as the second most popular mobile advertising platform in India by Counterpoint Research.

The road ahead

The journey together with the Affle will enable us to form a stronger, resourceful and innovative organization that can execute on our mission for the benefit of the entire mobile advertising ecosystem and to strengthen our vision of empowering our partners to provide personalized app discovery experiences to every user around the world.

What’s the value for the ecosystem and for our clients and partners?

This deal with Affle will accelerate Appnext’s growth and delivery plans for the upcoming years:

–         OEMs as a channel: We’re committed to continuing the development of on-device placements as a major discovery hub together with our OEM partners.  We will release new products, invest in market education and in providing transparent access to serve app recommendations.

–          Organic discovery: We believe that every developer has an equal opportunity to benefit from placing and recommending his app with the Appnext platform. We are planning to expand our ORP (Organic Recommendation Program) to thousands of developers that can enjoy a new and exciting non-paid discovery channel and offer a vast diversity of services to our partners’ users.

–          Re-engagement:  We will continue to innovate and provide a wider range of effective app discovery channels to complete the mobile discovery journey for new and existing users.  Re-engagement will be integrated at the core user experience of our discovery recommendations so users will be able to discover apps and products they were already using and likely to use next again.

–          Platform: We will keep developing the new dynamic audience targeting, adding new placements and creative level optimization to provide a better than ever Self-served platform that allows a 360° view over a campaign performance, with full transparency and control of the activity with real-time insights.

The years since Appnext was founded have been an incredible journey for us. We have proven that even a small team can generate significant value for nearly half a billion MAU globally. This is thanks to our passionate and talented Appnexters around the world in the past and today.  I would like to personally thank each Appnext employee, our dedicated customers and our great partners! We got thus far because of all of you. We will continue to serve our customers and partners with the exceptional level of service, professionalism, and dedication as always.

This is a significant and impactful milestone in the Appnext journey; however, we still have a long ride ahead and now we get to accelerate the pace. I’m confident that we will execute all of the above and a lot more, faster and better. I can’t wait for what’s to come as we have only just begun.

Thank you!

Elad Natanson

CEO & Co- founder, Appnext

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