Device-level app discovery was a game-changer for marketers – and it’s evolving even more

Device-level App Discovery App discovery has always been a tricky challenge for marketers. With millions of apps now vying for attention across app stores, the competition has never been greater and the choices for users have never been more diverse. While app store optimization, in-app and user acquisition campaigns are still important to get right, the development that has benefited marketers in the most far-reaching way is device-level discovery. To summarize the impact of on-device discovery it is helpful to consider a salient statistic. Android devices have dominated the smartphone market for years now. Between 2020 and 2021, they accounted…

Short video apps are an indispensable part of the social entertainment landscape. Since the sensational rise of TikTok in the last few years, user-generated short video content has become a staple in social media. Following the Indian government’s decision to ban Chinese-owned TikTok, there has been a fierce battle among other developers to attract the millions of users the platform left behind. This latest app battle demonstrates an important lesson for developers.

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Lucjan Exner joined the Appnext team in December 2020 as Head of Sales for Europe. We asked him, “why us, why Appnext?”
He responded: “My path with Appnext crossed some time ago. I immediately recognized a very high level of professionalism on one hand and warm, friendly people on the other. From the very beginning, Appnext gave the impression of a great team that was worth joining.
“The great team spirit, together with the best in class product, convinced me to apply when it was possible.
“I felt I had joined a family from the first day and the support given everyday by every single member of Appnext is incredible.

“I am not only excited to be a part of the Appnext team, but also proud of representing one of the most effective tools for mobile apps user acquisition on the market.”

We could not be more honored to have Lucjan on our team.

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