Appnext Makes The Cut In AppsFlyer Performance Index Within Multiple Fronts And Categories

Appnext makes the cut in the highly competitive AppsFlyer Performance Index in multiple fronts and categories!
Including OEMs and publishers in the data places Appnext 8th in India & SE Asia and 14th globally for all apps categories on Android; a significant achievement given we are ranked ahead of some leading OEMs and publishers.
Appnext continues to keep its position as the #1 independent discovery platform in India and SE Asia; in fact, Appnext is the only platform making it to the top 10.

Appnext To Empower ‘Made In India’ Apps With Its Organic Recommendation Growth Plan

These days, as the tech and app developer’s community pursue ‘made in India’ initiatives, accelerating the recommendation channels is critical to support app growth. The recently launched Appnext ORP, a non-paid app discovery, provides an exclusive opportunity to be included in Appnext organic recommendations and get apps recommended on the hottest mobile placements

For those of us in technology, especially mobile technology, it’s crazy to see how an exogenous, unforeseen shock can so quickly and profoundly affect our business. For some huge platforms, COVID represents an existential crisis from which they may never fully recover. For others, it has accelerated months or years of growth into a few weeks. Our CEO, Elad Natanson, spoke with senior executives at several firms in different countries and different verticals, to see how they are managing during the crisis, and what impact they think it will have on their businesses over the long term, for his Forbes column.

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The Global Coronavirus Lockdown is Transforming the App Economy

Global pandemic lockdowns are affecting all industries across all verticals, and it’s no different in the app world. We are collectively turning to our smartphones like never before to navigate our way through this ‘new normal’, and it’s turning the app economy upside down. Find out how the coronavirus is currently disrupting crucial market segments, and what immediate and long term impact COVID-19 may have on the future of apps.