Vietnamese smartphone users nearly top the global rankings for the time spent on their device each day with an average of 6.5 hours per person. The country, which has seen heavy investment in its telecoms industry in recent years, now boasts one of the world’s highest internet penetration rates. The number of apps being released in Vietnam every month is also at record levels. In 2021, there was an unprecedented surge in the popularity of digital payment solutions and e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, with growth showing no signs of slowing down. All the data indicates Vietnam’s digital economy is booming thanks to a younger, more tech-savvy population and a burgeoning middle class.

The time to invest in Vietnam’s digital-first future is evidently now, which is why Appnext has invested heavily in creating the perfect springboard for developers to ensure they strike success in this diverse market straight from the get-go. Appnext’s technology allows smartphone users to intuitively and seamlessly find and install the exact app they need precisely when they want it. Having partnered with many of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo and Vivo, Appnext is facilitating the most groundbreaking and innovative smartphone experience to date. At present, Android dominates the Vietnamese smartphone market, accounting for nearly 70 percent of all devices. Exclusively advertising directly on the home screens of Android’s biggest brands is a fast track to connecting with the majority of smartphone users in the country.

Device-level recommendations are fundamentally transforming how users interact with their smartphones. State-of-the-art, AI-driven ‘Timeline technology’ leverages key pieces of user data, including age, sex, location, language and device model, to identify user intent and serve the most relevant recommendations in a variety of unmissable placements. With valuable, real-time user data, marketers can shape how and when customers engage with their offering, making on-device discovery the most powerful user acquisition tool. We know that users want an ultra-personalized mobile experience. Consumers crave an experience where every single engagement has been curated and tailored just for them – a device journey that is utterly unique. This is why many of Southeast Asia’s biggest brands, including Shopee VN,, Bukalapak, RedDoors,Gojek, Baemin and Grab to name a few, are working with Appnext to grow their user bases. Appnext’s solutions are a way to continually acquire, engage and retain high-intent customers. Vietnam is frequently described as a “trend-setting” market where users are far more likely to sample new services and platforms beyond established brands. It is therefore no surprise that even household names face user retention challenges in a climate where the consumer appetite is for the latest release. Innovation is critical in this respect: marketers must be ahead of the curve and keep their users interested. Appnext achieves this by continuously generating and serving recommendations at relevant engagement moments.

Reaching users throughout the entirety of the mobile lifecycle is critical. When Appnext launched the Out of Box Experience, it was clear it would be a game-changer for marketers, carriers and manufacturers. Newly-purchased devices present an unparalleled opportunity to engage with users during the profitable device set-up window. The benefits for manufacturers and carriers are clear: continuous strengthening of brand recognition while facilitating a seamless onboarding experience that successfully navigates a user’s first experience with a device. For advertisers, it has created an opportunity to place apps and services before new and existing highly-intent users as they personalize a new device for the first time. The apps they install at this stage are likely those they will continue using time and time again.

Ensuring mobile carriers take advantage of the critical role they play in the app ecosystem is at the heart of Appnext’s Asia strategy. At the recent CommunicAsia industry event in Singapore, Appnext showcased the advantages of its discovery suite solutions for mobile carriers. It is essential that carriers engage with their subscribers personally and meaningfully. Appnext’s end-to-end discovery solutions allow carriers to create and monetize new services while providing their customers with superior, real-time experiences that are entirely local and contextual.

Vietnam’s digital-first future is happening right now. To truly reap the rewards of this budding app economy, partner with a discovery platform that truly knows your ideal users. Partner with Appnext.

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