Traveling brings with it many unavoidable hassles that can drive people mad. To help make the entire experience of traveling less of a hassle, developers everywhere have been coming up with awesome travel apps that span every part of travel, from how to get there, to activities you can enjoy once you arrive, how to speak with the locals and even apps that take the struggle out of paying for stuff.

The State of Travel Apps Today

Apps are now a part of all stages of a traveler’s journey. From inspiring a trip, scoring a great hotel deal, navigating new airports and planning sights to see, customers are reliant on their mobile devices. Just take a look at the figures below.

1. This year, digital travel sales in the US will reach $189.62 billion, 40.0% of which will come from mobile devices.

In its definition of travel sales, eMarketer includes airline, car rental, cruise, hotel, accommodations (including Airbnb) and transportation.

2. One in three boarding passes will be delivered via mobile by 2019.

More than 1.5 billion airline boarding passes will be delivered worldwide via mobile phone by 2019 according to a study by Juniper Research. That’s part of an even bigger shift to delivering paperless passes and tickets on mobile in the native mobile wallet app. EasyJet has a great app! Take a look below.

Easy Jet Screenshots

3. This year, 140.3 million US adults will research a trip online. And 101.4 million will do so via their smartphones, up 13.1% over last year.

research trips

4. This year, 57.5 million US adults will use a smartphone to book a trip, up 14.1% over last year. That represents 81.2% of all mobile travel bookers.

5. By 2021, eMarketer projects computer and mobile booking volume to be neck-and-neck in upcoming years. Mobile booking volume would soar to some $108.75 billion in 2021.

Travel Sales by Device

6. Eighty-eight percent of travelers with smartphones would switch to another site or app if yours doesn't satisfy their needs.

7. The total number of worldwide downloads for travel apps increased by 20% this year compared to 2015. This marks a 50% jump in downloads for travel apps since 2014.

Unique Travel Apps

We see tons of apps every day. Here are some notable ones–whether it is the design, latest marketing campaign, high ratings, etc.

ItsEasy - Planning

ItsEasy e-mails you the forms you need and turns your phone into a passport photo camera. It’s simple. You simply print the forms, mail them to ItsEasy using the trackable USPS priority overnight ticket provided by the company, and you’ll get your new documents in two to three weeks.

SkyScanner - Booking Flights

Skyscanner is a metasearch engine for flights, hotels and car hire.  With this app,  you search through more than 700 sites at once to find the lowest prices currently available for airfare and lodging.

Roomer - Lodging

If you are stuck with a nonrefundable hotel reservation that you cannot use, you can offer your room on Roomer and avoid losing your money.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a bargain hotel package, you can buy hotel accommodations on Roomer and save up to 80% on your next vacation.

Cool Cousin - What To Do

Cool Cousin is a fun way to find unique places you’ll love in cities around the world. It’s pretty simple to use. You simply connect with locals who share your interests — aka Cousins — and get a map of their favorite city spots and personalized advice about how to spend your time and dime in their town.

GeoSure - Safety and Security

GeoSure is a location-sensitive personal security app provides a safety score that reflects health risks, political uprisings, and environmental threats. It also gives crowd-sourced information about thefts and assaults that have occurred in the area.

HotelsCombined - Lodging

HotelsCombined is awesome technology that cuts through availability and prices from all the top travel websites from around the world, including, Expedia,, Agoda, AccorHotels, Hilton and many more.

Loco - Booking Flights

Loco brings you all the low-cost airlines in one place, and compares them with all other standard and charter flights. Loco consolidates all flights – low-cost, standard, and charter, with amazing prices, so you can pick and choose exactly the one that fits your needs. Throw in a hotel, and get even bigger savings. You can also complete the purchase from within the app in real-time.

bitemojo - Eating

bitemojo is a state-of-the-art innovative tourism and travel application, offering individuals and small groups the means to experience cultures and values of new destinations by tasting the best of local food and discovering off-the-beaten track points of interest.


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