2019 is not over yet; however, it has been an incredible year for Appnext: we’ve been working hard on building a unique app recommendation engine to serve mobile users at 80% of their device usage time outside the duopoly apps. This technology is integrated with over 10,000 placements powering over 2B app recommendations daily to 300M DAU globally, interacting on average 20 times a day with every single user.
This milestone marks the results of the recent shift we made presenting an exciting new layer of personalized daily app discovery experience, evolving from in-app to on-device placements. 

Here’s how a personalized daily app discovery experiences look like in Indonesia  

Last week Appsflyer released its performance index, explicitly mentioning the shift Appnext made into the OEM arena, ranked #7 in global growth and as the 3rd recommendation platform in shopping and non-gaming in India, right after the giant duopoly of Facebook and Google.


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