We want to thank everyone who attended the recent ‘Future of App Marketing’ conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, hosted by Appnext in conjunction with the mobile measurement platform AppsFlyer. In particular, a big thank you to our keynote speaker and thought leader Mike Stopforth, who Shared his knowledge on how to bridge the gap in digital literacy between the people who build solutions and those who pay for them.

We are incredibly proud of our unique on-device recommendation technology. Its transformative impact on the app economy is evident and is benefiting our customers in a profound way. The Johannesburg event was not only a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded industry professionals, but it also provided us with a space to expand on the benefits of this game-changing tech to an even wider audience. Crucially To our amazement, some of the representatives we engaged were not familiar with our technology but were eager to find out what it could do for them.

In South Africa, we have built countless incredible relationships with both local OEMs and operators. These partnerships are shaking up the country’s app landscape momentously: Appnext is now the preferred platform for app marketers to ensure they are reaching all user segments of the market. Appnext ability to provide a totally personalized app experience to users is unmatched by any of the other platforms. With seamlessly integrated recommendations that are delivered at precisely the right moment, on various placements such as Widget, Folders, Keyboard and when personalizing a new device. Our patented technology covers the entire daily mobile journey of a user and allows our customers to engage with their users meaningfully and continuously. For OEMs and carriers, our technology is not only strengthening their brand but also fostering much greater satisfaction levels for their customers. We are enabling a smooth and simple onboarding process that helps a user navigate their first device experience and then continuously facilitating a relevant daily mobile journey that is tailored to every individual.

There is no doubt that the Sub-Saharan African apps market contains unique challenges for marketers. It is true that the region is experiencing unprecedented growth, with industry figures estimating that 50% of its population will be subscribed to mobile services by 2025. This means there are opportunities for marketers looking for success in this diverse region. We know that this market is showing consistent growth, but as Sub-Saharan Africa looks ahead to a future as a digital-first region, marketers must be armed with the tools they need to succeed. In South Africa specifically, this means making themselves indispensable to a diverse, increasingly tech-savvy and upwardly-mobile customer base. Our trusted partnerships are the key to achieving this goal. For example, our relationship with Truecaller has seen our suggested apps reach more users than ever before. We were also recently named Xiaomi’s preferred partner worldwide. Xiaomi is one of the most popular Android smartphone brands in South Africa and is set to increase its market share following the announcement that it will expand its budget lineup in the country, offering users a greater range of affordable smartphones.

On-device recommendations are vital for engaging specific demographics. Marketers must take advantage of the sheer potential that comes with location and language targeting; capturing the imagination of an audience with a hyperlocal experience that will make user acquisition less of a speculative exercise. Appnext’s ‘Timeline’ technology powers and serves the most unmissable recommendations; the apps that users want exactly when they need them.

Rajeev Jumani, Appnext’s Head of Growth in Africa, commented: “I would like to thank everyone who attended our first event in Johannesburg. It was great to meet industry leaders who are shaping up mobile marketing in South Africa and discuss the importance of app discovery and measurement. “Appnext’s stats speak for themselves. Our discovery experiences have been incorporated into more than 10,000 mobile touchpoints through our partnerships with leading handset manufacturers, mobile operators and app developers. We are committed to this important region with an established office in Johannesburg serving sub-Saharan Africa and MENA customers providing local offerings tailored to the unique market’s needs. Our success in burgeoning app economies is proof that we will achieve so much more in our journey.”

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the next Appnext event!


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