Appnext is on an extraordinary upward trajectory right now: we currently power 6.5 billion daily app recommendations, we have added a new dimension to app discovery with the launch of the OOBE solution, and we have surpassed an average of more than 20 daily user interactions. It is for these reasons that I think now is the most exciting and rewarding time to become part of the Appnext family.

As the General Manager for Southeast Asia, I want to emphasize the monumental growth Appnext has had in this region and where we aim to go from here. I was thrilled to see Appnext reign supreme in the most recent edition of the AppsFlyer Performance Index. As many of you will have seen, our platform ranked second globally in the Growth Index, which means we have outpaced numerous other leading platforms in terms of the rate at which we have expanded our global operations. This kind of industry recognition demonstrates just how well we are doing in making inroads in developing markets such as Southeast Asia, and it is incredible to think of how much we will continue to grow in the coming months and years as we build upon this success.

In Southeast Asia, I have noticed an upward trend in e-commerce, especially as many countries in this region emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen a huge shift towards sales via apps as opposed to in-store. Retailers with shopping apps are currently completing approximately 75% of all their sales through this medium.  By partnering with Appnext, businesses can fully capitalize on this change in consumer habits and ensure not only that their app is being seen in the hyper-saturated apps market, but that the right kind of user will engage with their app and, importantly, make a purchase.

The growth in the shopping vertical in Southeast Asia is part of a larger shift in the mobile apps market. Southeast Asia’s digital economy is among the fastest growing in the world, and recent predictions suggest that by 2025 it will be worth more than $300 billion. Most of this development will be driven by e-commerce, as well as by education and entertainment. Something that is abundantly clear is just how much the Southeast Asian market will continue to grow. This is a region of more than 650 million people, where much of the population has yet to get online. Smartphone penetration is thus set to speed up exponentially in the future and open up many opportunities for developers to invest and see good returns from doing so.

Appnext currently enjoys quarter-on-quarter growth in Southeast Asia thanks to a number of exclusive partnerships with leading carriers and OEMs that have integrated our recommendation engine directly into their devices. We are looking forward to building on these established relationships and continuing our OEM expansion in this region. These are the kinds of partnerships that will ensure Appnext remains a powerhouse in this region and will help us in our mission to accelerate app discovery and create an immersive, personalized and fully connected experience for millions of users.  Finally, I wish to say that I cannot wait to continue to build upon Appnext’s success in Southeast Asia. It is an incredible opportunity to be part of a team that is having such a momentous impact on the mobile apps industry and I am proud to be on this journey.


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