One of the best things about working at Appnext is the fact that we get to work with awesome developers. The second best thing is helping them reach and surpass their KPIs.

We know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that this is going to be another blog post that talks about how developer X reached XXX with XXX. In a way you’re right, we are going to talk about how developer X (Pixonic) reached X (3X) ad engagement with XX (40%) lower CPI. But, this is no ordinary blog post, this blog post has ROBOTS!

Pixonic – Firing up games since 2009

Pixonic began making game magic in 2009 in Moscow. The company started out as a small start-up that created and published computer games. Their first few projects “Adventure Island” and “Airport” for social platforms were a massive success.

In 2013 they created War Robots, a freemium mobile app game that has ROBOTS (did we say robots enough?) and explosions and battlefields and many other geeky yet very manly things we love.

War Robots – “This game may soon require a doctor’s note that you are fit for play.”

war robots

War Robots is a third-person shooter with real-time Player vs Player battles in MOBA mode. Players operate giant robots on a live battlefield. You can play alone or team up with different players. War Robots includes a real-time multiplayer system where battles are held in 6-vs-6 mode and missing players are automatically added to the team with a special matchmaking system.

The game’s main objective is to capture/hold beacons, of which there are five located in a variety of key locations. Players must move their robot close to a beacon in order to capture it.

war robots

WARNING! The game is available for both Android and iOS users so there is no device discrimination, you will all get addicted.

We’re totally biased but check out Daniel Willmann’s review on Google Play. He actually thinks this game may require a doctor’s note to play.

 I’ve been gaming for 40 years from pong,tank vs tank…twisted metal…WAR ROBOTS!!! The best game ever. From the graphics, strategies to the character builds(the Robots and the weapons) it is all over the top. This game may soon require a doctor’s note that you are fit for play. “

Ok, so the game is awesome but what does that have to do with Appnext? Pixonic partnered with us to create better campaigns for their robot game so that more people could discover more robots (our mission in life is complete).

war robots

The C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E

Pixonic joined Appnext in December 2016 with the hopes of quickly scaling their campaigns. Creative optimization was one of Pixonic’s main strategies for maximizing user response rate and ad engagement while reaching optimal cost-per-install.

Explosive Results

We did give away the results so you already know that Pixonic reached 3X ad engagement with 40% lower CPI. What you don’t know is how.

What was their creative strategy? What worked and what failed miserably?  How did they make magic happen and how were we a part of it all?

Find out in our in-depth (but not overbearingly long) case study. 


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