Mobile marketers listen up! Forrester released its latest executive summary, The 2018 Mobile and New Technology Priorities for Marketers: Why Mobile Marketers Must Keep Their Mobile Basics. It is based on their most recent global mobile executive survey released last week.

“Mobile is still at the heart of digital transformation, a unique catalyst for business transformation and a key enabler for adjacent technologies. Marketers wrongly think they can leapfrog to emerging tech once they have checked the box on mobile apps and responsive websites.”

- From the Report

Top Trends for Mobile Marketers

  • Foundational mobile experiences. Consumers’ expectations of a brand’s mobile experience have never been higher. And yet, 58% of marketers agree that their mobile services are almost identical to their desktop services. The end result? A cumbersome scaled down version of a PC experience lacking context and frustrating consumers. Only 39% of marketers surveyed systematically integrate into their mobile approach.
  • Emerging consumer-facing technologies. Emerging technology is keeping marketers from leveraging mobile to its fullest potential.


Change perception of mobile’s role.

Decision-makers should stop thinking of smartphones as just a device and more as the brain powering and orchestrating new experiences in an increasingly connected world. Mobile redefines your brand experience. However, 53 percent of marketers surveyed are still not using mobile to transform their overall customer experience.

Invest strategically in-house to orchestrate external partners

Investing in mobile resources will give you the expertise you need to internalize strategic deployments and facilitate the orchestration with external partners helping you implement a broader digital transformation. Because mobile is at the crossroads of brand activation and technology evolution, it will increase the battle between consultancies trying to pitch marketers and agencies increasing trying to convince technology folks. CMOs and their teams should elevate the transformational role of mobile to the board and have a voice in the selection process for the most relevant digital experience service providers.

Revisit KPIs to increase mobile’s share in the marketing mix.

Forget about cost per thousands (CPMs) or click-through rates (CTRs). Instead develop a clear road map to see differences across measurement approaches. Then you can better align your data.  

Automate mobile moments with scale and speed.

Mobile messaging tactics are necessary to fulfilling customer expectations in the mobile moment.  But too few marketers are using the different flavors of mobile messaging tactics today. (See graph below)


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