Unwrapping Holiday App Marketing Insights 

The holiday season is a time of year that’s synonymous with joy, togetherness, and, of course, shopping. For app marketers, it’s a great opportunity as millions of people unwrap new mobile devices, eagerly seeking new apps to enhance their lives. By understanding the latest app trends and catering to the evolving needs of holiday shoppers, app marketers can ensure their apps are among the many that are discovered, downloaded, and actively used throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Verticals Growth

Looking at the app growth across different categories, we see that Travel and local leads with a 24% increase, followed by Food & Drink and Shopping, both with a 7% growth. This suggests that users are actively seeking apps and services to help them with their holiday travel and shopping plans.

Engagement Metrics

Overall engagement across all categories has seen a 6% growth. Shopping apps have witnessed a notable 19% growth in add-to-cart actions, indicating increased interest in browsing and purchasing products. Travel and local apps have experienced a remarkable 53% increase in purchase rates, highlighting a solid intent to book travel and accommodations during the holiday season. Food and drink apps have also seen a positive trend with a 29% growth in add-to-cart actions but a slight decline of 9% in orders placed. This could suggest a higher consideration of food options but a lower conversion rate to actual orders.

Insights and Strategies: These insights provide valuable guidance for app marketers to optimize their strategies for the holiday season:

  • Cater to Holiday Shopping and Travel Needs: Focus on providing features and content that align with the increased interest in holiday shopping and travel. Highlight relevant deals, offer personalized recommendations, and streamline the booking and purchasing process.
  • Enhance Shopping Experience: Optimize the shopping experience to reduce abandonment and encourage conversions. Implement user-friendly checkout processes, provide secure payment options, and offer personalized cart reminders.
  • Leverage Mobile Finance Trends: Understand the growing mobile finance user base. Ensure seamless payment integrations, provide transparent transaction details, and offer secure data protection measures.
  • Address App Abandonment: Identify and address factors that lead to app abandonment. Improve user onboarding, enhance app performance, and personalize the user experience to encourage continued usage.
  • Deliver Relevance, Value, and Delight: Provide meaningful, valuable, and enjoyable experiences throughout the user journey. Tailor messaging to resonate with the target audience, highlight the app’s unique value proposition, and foster a sense of delight and engagement.

By embracing these insights and implementing effective strategies, app marketers can capitalize on the holiday season, drive app downloads, boost engagement, and achieve sustainable growth in the upcoming months. Appnext’s recommendations help app marketers reach engaged users, ensuring their apps are not just discovered but actively used and re-used. Leverage the power of Appnext to meet your app growth goals this holiday season and beyond.

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