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We are happy to announce the new release of the Appnext Android SDK. The new SDK is designed to give you even greater display freedom and reporting flexibility, and allow you to enhance in-app user experience. The new version includes the following modifications:


The Appnext developers can now integrate a single SDK to display different full-screen discovery formats:

  • Static Image Only
  • Video Solo
  • Video & Image Duet


It’s not a secret that video units bring great results to both publishers and advertisers. Besides, users love watching colorful, and often funny app trailers. However, in many cases the internet accessibility and speed can ruin the experience. That is why the new SDK allows you to set your own video play rules, by supporting auto or manual play modes.


The new SDK extends the postback capabilities for the rewarded video format, allowing the publishers to track and reward the users upon video completion with either client- or server-side postbacks.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the integration by contacting our support team.

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