We are thrilled to announce the official release of City Targeting capabilities to the Appnext self-serve platform. We believe it will help thousands of Appnext developers launch their apps locally, as well as recommend laser-targeted apps and games to their users in over 70,000 cities across the world.

The new setup is intuitive and easy, you will see the new field on the “Add Campaign” page, and will be able to both include and exclude specific locations from the campaign targeting. Please note that you should create designated campaigns per each location you would want to appear separately in the reports.


It is exciting to go local, tailoring your message, and creative. For some apps, it’s an absolute must, while for the others it is a great opportunity to perform soft launches, and to try triggering the network effect of the local communities. We encourage you to be creative, and, of course, we always here to brainstorm ideas and answer any questions.


Head of Marketing at Appnext

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