Undoubtedly the “Mother of Mobile Trade Shows,” MWC is always exciting. All companies, big and small, are trying to stand out above the crowd, showing what new innovations and products they have been working on for the past year.

Appnext MWC 2018
Appnext CEO Elad Natanson Explains Appnext Actions

 This year, it seems like MWC is focusing less on mobile devices (although Samsung’s S9 series grabbed a lot of attention, as always, and Sony’s new Xperia phones look cool too…) and more on the data side and products that will gather data. Some of the inspiring examples were a BMW-connected car and a SIM card for dogs by Vodafone.

There are companies that gather information and others that analyze it. More than 5 billion people around the globe are connected to the internet, with at least one mobile device. Technology companies are trying to offer products that will provide users with the best experience, so they will stay connected and consume more of their services.

Mobile is creating a better future today.

- Mats Granryd, GSMA’s Director-General

Smart cities, connected cars and the realization of 5G cellular networks, which according to Ericsson, have become a commercial reality, all place the mobile phone, as well as other connected devices, in the heart of the industry. 

We at Appnext had a hectic and amazing MWC experience. We met with hundreds of visitors at our booth and had dozens of productive meetings. Our team met with top leaders in mobile OEMs and mobile operators, as well as leading app developers and advertisers, some of whom are already onboarding clients.

The rest were looking to learn about the new mobile monetization solutions we offer. We have presented the new category in mobile monetization—service-based monetization, which I truly believe can make a difference and unlock a hidden revenue stream for publishers and advertisers, allowing them to monetize by providing services to the users.

This show tells us, and everyone in our industry sharing the same opportunities and challenges, that mobile has a lot more to it than just a device. It is a means of connecting each and everyone of us to the wide, global world, and I am positive that by providing the right services and user experience to people, all of the players in the ecosystem will benefit.   

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