Appnext was on my radar long before a position at the company that was a good match opened up. As an app discovery platform, Appnext is utterly unique. By providing straightforward but innovative solutions to a multitude of mobile challenges, Appnext has positioned itself as a leader in the market.

Some of you may not know that Indonesia is now among the fastest-growing mobile markets in the world. Last year, Indonesians installed a total of 7.3 billion new apps, marking a 33% growth on the previous two years. The country ranked fifth globally for the collective number of hours spent on devices, with Indonesians spending 156 billion hours on their screens. In addition, the population was second in the world for the average number of hours each day spent using smartphones. In 2021, people spent approximately 5.4 hours a day on their devices, which represents a third of their daily waking hours. Appnext is now poised to become the largest independent app discovery platform in this flourishing market.

Our on-device discovery user acquisition channel is an unmatched tool for developers and marketers hoping to win the love and loyalty of Indonesia’s Android users. According to stats released this year, Android devices dominated the country’s mobile market: Samsung currently leads the way, accounting for roughly 22% of the market, followed by OPPO and its 21% share. Of course, this is good news for us! At present, Appnext has partnerships with many of the world’s leading handset manufacturers including both Samsung and OPPO. We recently announced the expansion of our strategic partnership with OPPO, which will allow us to increase the delivery of our recommendations on the brand’s devices across the Southeast Asia region.

When I consider the trends that are shaping the Indonesian mobile market, shopping is the first vertical I think of. Retail apps enjoyed momentous growth in 2021 and account for more than 5.5 billion hours of device usage in the country, a 180% increase from 2019. This is an upward trajectory that Appnext can capitalize on as Indonesians increasingly discover new retail apps every day. However, smaller developers can risk getting lost in the melee that is today’s app stores. Developers need to be aware of and ahead of the curve in consumer trends, demographic preferences and cultural differences if they are to succeed in a location where more than 700 languages are spoken. It is these challenges that Appnext’s on-device discovery products and solutions can help developers overcome. Our solutions are facilitating a new, hyper-personalized customer experience that will help Indonesians find the retail apps they want at the moment they need and the language of their choice; all powered by our patented ‘Timeline ’ tech and advertisers are benefiting from getting their apps discovered and used by more engaged users than ever before.

Additionally, Appnext’s Out Of Box Experience is providing our clients with a shortcut to being among the most trusted apps on the smartphones of their ideal audiences. We are harnessing the potential that represents a user’s first device interaction. Using our dynamic set-up wizard that enables an easy onboarding process, users are populating their devices with the apps and services that we have recommended. More importantly, our data indicates these are the apps they are returning to time and time again.

I am looking forward to what is guaranteed to be a bright future for Appnext in Indonesia. Our company has an amazing culture, with some of the brightest, most talented people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Appnext family.


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