This case study was a ton of fun to work on. We got to explore our inner goddesses, and mine was a bad-ass hero in heels with purple hair.  But, the real heros of this story are actually behind the scenes. Find out the moves Kunlun Games used to defeat their ROI issues in our Case Study.


Kunlun Games came to us wanting to improve three key metrics: campaign scaling, campaign cost, campaign quality. In addition, the company wanted assistance finding reliable acquisition partners.

Tactics for Success: Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Kunlun Games used the Appnext platform to keep track of every aspect of the campaign performance, allowing the company to make adjustments to the campaign in real-time for better results. That way, their ad spend is constantly maximized for the greatest ROI.

Accessing Publishers

Unqualified publishers got removed, and direct-buy campaigns were created for quality publishers.

A/B Testing

We find guessing games silly. Instead, we performed A/B testing for all creative assets to find out what really attracts users.

Ongoing Optimization

By staying on top of the campaign’s targets, such as GEO and date, Kunlun Games was able to adjust their campaign ad spend to the target group most relevant.


Kunlun Games raised its ROI x 1.5! Join us as we take you through the specific aspects that led to the campaign’s success.

About Goddess

Goddess: Primal Chaos is a cinematic 3D-action MMORPG where you must go back in time and stop a dangerous Tyrant before they destroy the world. Along the way, team up with Goddesses, vanquish demons, join in on multiplayer activities, and experience many innovative quests, available for IOS and Android.

About Kunlun Games

Operating from 9 offices across the globe, Kunlun develops and publishes online, web and mobile games in China, South Korea and Taiwan.


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