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It’s been a busy  year at Appnext . Our developer’s community has expanded to over 30 thousands developers worldwide. We just launched some interesting functionality across our platform for better performance , as well as announcing new ways to get your hands on highly engaged users, empowering everyone to deliver moments that matter.

In 2015,  Appnext continues to adhere to its core values of delivering interesting, contextually relevant content, boost app discovery worldwide and meet the  business demands.

First ,we’ve announced our partnership with Hisense, where our  App Discovery Widget is installed in the  Hisense’s mobile devices to recommend relevant,  personalized content and apps .  This partnership enables Hisense  to offer additional value and a personalized  experience to their users,  turning them into long-term, loyal and profitable customers.  With our  App Discovery Widget ,mobile operators, handset manufacturers and device distributors can now gain competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by providing the pre-installed APK/Widget on the device in mass scale to deliver an exceptional user experience.

From Appnext advertiser’s perspective  better performance ,higher ROI and more engaged users can make or break a campaign. This is why we’re excited about Appnext’s new creative page that allows you to upload and edit landscape/wide images (same as the Facebook ad dimensions ). In terms of video ads you can upload 15 seconds and 30 seconds videos also in HD .

Our unparalleled self-serve platform empowers our publishers to be in control of their activities, any time. With the newly featured My Apps,  publishers can manage opt-out settings, minimum bid for ad serving and minimum bid for direct-buy campaigns.

This year , we’ve  continue to provide  a unique technology platform that allows our publishers to  keep pace with the rapidly changing mobile landscape. This is why we lunched the Appnext Ad  Manager, a new ad-serving solution that enables mobile publishers to programmatically manage their direct CPI-based inventory sales. The  Appnext  Ad Manager is a managed service offering that puts the power of control into the publisher’s hands by empowering them to track and optimize their campaigns for expanded reach, as well as traditional account services including account management, sales and billing, to help streamline the entire campaign management process and tapping into the burgeoning CPI-based demand, while controlling all elements of their campaigns from a single, intuitive dashboard.

It’s Video Time !  Our Native Video Ad Solution fuels app discovery globally , integrate and distribute beautiful, contextually relevant app trailers using a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) based model. Our advanced technology of unique user adaptive video streaming provides the best possible viewing experience per bandwidth, country and device. New Interstitial Video SDK and a Full-Screen / Rewarded SDK  are now live on our tools page .This new version introduces a better performance and an extended support on different devices.

Knowing Users Beyond the Install: With digital marketing becoming mobile first, it is important to develop an effective metrics for analyzing and optimizing mobile marketing. Appnext’s post-install event is a useful tool to help advertisers correctly identify quality user engagement, valuable publishers and optimize their app marketing based on actual ROI metrics.

In the beginning of the year we’ve embarked  upon a new, important  journey  with the official launch of  The Appnext Market ,where you can start a Direct-Buy campaign, discover, connect and collaborate with new premium partners and buy directly from them. All that can be done at once from The open  Appnext Market that allows access to Appnext and its rich partner ecosystem.


As I said – big year at Appnext. We’re excited about the latest advancements, and looking forward to more in 2016.

Have a safe and Happy Holidays, and a great 2016.



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