What do you like the most about your job? For us one of the daily delights is discovering great apps developed by the appnext community members. With over 7,000 developers on the appnext board we get to know many truly remarkable apps and admire great work the appnexters do developing stunning products and building successful app businesses around them. We thought it would be a good idea to share the best examples with you by featuring them at the Developers’ Stage.

Today the Stage belongs to Naughty Spirit whose flagship Android app – RetroSelfie allows the Selfie fans to apply vintage styles with lots of great filters, stickers, and frames. The app is really easy and fun to use, check it out and see yourself.

Championing the product development side of the app business, Naughty Spirit has chosen app discovery as one the monetization streams. NaSp calls appnext Interstitial at the app launch, and later triggers it at certain user actions. RetroSelfie users can also discover new apps via ‘More apps’ buttons that rest on the screen top. This strategy brings great results without being over-intrusive.

“We dedicate our work to make user friendly apps with high quality features”, – says the NaSp Team. “Because our top priority is user experience, we choose to use appnext with its great tools and support. Our partnership brings us not only great profit, but also the joy of our users”.

We hope you have enjoyed the app and promise to continue sharing the great products developed by the appnext community members.

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