Without any doubt it’s a pleasure to start 2015 with the exciting new features launched at Appnext. The two special ones we are proud to introduce today bring even higher transparency to both monetization and advertising campaigns.

Direct-Buy Campaigns

The Appnext advertisers now can create designated campaigns for specific publishers.
A Direct-Buy campaign can be set up  via the “Add a new campaign” or ‘Copy’ processes, in the new section called “Targeting”. The default targeting will be “Network”, the “Direct-Buy” option can be chosen instead that will give the opportunity to select the targeted app/s for the specific campaign.




BlackLists  become available for both publishers and advertisers 

Publishers are now able to exclude specific app categories, advertisers, campaigns and apps from being promoted through their apps, while advertisers can filter out certain app categories, publishers, and apps.

You can access Advanced Filtering through ‘Edit Campaign’ (on the advertising side), and through ‘Settings and Placements’ at the “Apps” directory.

With many more product updates and introductions in the pipeline we invite you to share your insights and feedback on the existing and new launches by sending your ideas to support@appnext.com.


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