India, according to AppsFlyer, is the #1 country in the world in the number of apps installed and used per month. The India smartphone market surpassed the USA for the first time on an annual level, becoming the second-largest smartphone market globally, reaching 158 million shipments in 2019 with 7% YoY growth, according to the latest research from Counterpoint.

With the availability of the Appnext Organic Recommendation Program (ORP), we are pleased to extend this offering to the ‘Made in India’ app ecosystem and empower their growth.

These days, as the tech and app developer’s community pursue ‘made in India’ initiatives, accelerating the recommendation channels is critical to support app growth. The recently launched Appnext ORP, a non-paid app discovery, provides an exclusive opportunity to be included in Appnext organic recommendations and get apps recommended on the hottest mobile placements.  The value is equivalent to up to $50,000 investment. We would like to extend this program to all made in India app developers and startups by registering online or via email for quick screening and setup.

This offer is aligned with the Government’s vision of enabling the growth of the indigenous tech ecosystem to innovate, develop and promote best-in-class homegrown apps with the Digital India Innovate Challenge.

Appnext works closely with an ever-increasing number of app developers integrating the Appnext recommendation engine. During the past year, thousands of apps in India boost their revenue and users’ growth by deploying Appnext solutions. Last month, Appnext was recognized as the second most popular mobile advertising platform in India by Counterpoint Research, right after Google. This recognition is a substantial validation and we are looking forward to supporting the next big thing in India!

You can read our press release and watch an interview with Anuj Khanna from Affle & Elad Natanson from Appnext sharing their thoughts on building sustainable market leadership in India and enhancing the competitive advantage globally.


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