We are immensely proud to announce that Appnext took home the silver medal in the MMA SMARTIES Indonesia awards with educational platform Ruangguru in the mobile apps category.

The prestigious annual competition recognizes the very best in mobile advertising: the brands, agencies and tech providers that have launched the most innovative and inspiring marketing campaigns that have resulted in a significant business impact. It is our privilege to be placed among the trailblazers in our industry and to be the only technology platform among the winners in the mobile apps category.

Ruangguru, a pioneer in the field of pedagogy, launched the campaign at the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and saw the platform introduce Appnext’s device-level discovery solutions to complement a 360-degree multimedia advertising campaign that significantly grew its app user base. At a time when millions of children were struggling to access educational resources amid widespread school closures, Appnext played a critical role in supporting efforts to ensure youngsters could carry on learning at home.

This was a key factor that was highlighted in the submission to the MMA SMARTIES judging panel: our partnership with Ruangguru was about much more than a marketing campaign. It was a way for us to leverage our power as the leading app discovery platform to increase awareness of vital educational resources in a segment of society that was among the hardest hit by the coronavirus lockdowns.

In 2020, Ruangguru enjoyed phenomenal growth, with its user base swelling from 4.6 million to 8.4 million. This incredible figure encapsulates how powerful our on-device recommendations are as a user acquisition tool. One primary reason for the success of device-level placements is because we understand that users are individuals who want a smartphone experience that reflects their uniqueness. Ruangguru partnered with us because we do not take a scattergun approach to onboarding users: our unparalleled AI-driven algorithm identified user intent and served recommendations to students who were not in school, or to parents who had been searching for educational resources.

With  our exclusive on-device placements are the result of the incredible relationships we have cultivated with many of the world’s leading OEMs and manufacturers.

Our exclusive on-device placements and the  incredible relationships we have cultivated with many of the world’s leading OEMs have a profound impact in  emerging markets where smartphone ownership is rapidly increasing and internet penetration is surging. We are connecting with users from the very first moment they switch on a new device, personalize it according to their needs, and then throughout their daily mobile journey. Appnext is at the forefront of this new mobile revolution in emerging markets and the campaign with Ruangguru demonstrates the positive impact our technology is having.

We wish to thank the Ruangguru team for choosing to partner with Appnext and the Mobile Marketing Association for selecting us as a silver medal winner. We look forward to taking part in next year’s awards!


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