We always await the release of the AppsFlyer Performance Index with bated breath. The Index comes out just twice a year and is one of the most important tools for ranking app marketers on their ability to target, retain, and monetize users. We are thrilled to report Appnext stormed up the rankings in a number of different categories, including those measuring user retention and our global expansion as a platform.

We are now ranked 2nd globally in the Growth Index, which measures the fastest growing media sources. This achievement results from our focus and growth in the emerging markets of India, SEA, and Europe and it is exciting to see just how far we have come.

In another huge win for us, we took the 5th spot in the Retention Index in non-gaming categories on Android devices. Our performance on this measurement is a fantastic result because it recognizes our platform’s exceptional ability to attract valuable users for our advertisers on a global and massive scale every day.

In India, we had an impressive number of successes, including ranking number 1 in the Growth Index, which is a testament to our unrivaled progress in that region.

India is not the only place we put in an excellent showing. In Eastern Europe, we were ranked 6th in the Growth Index, which shows just how quickly we are carving out a share of that fast-developing market.

Overall, Appnext ranked in the top 5 in more than 30 categories and multiple verticals in the Retention Index and in the Global IAP Index, which highlights our ability to deliver large numbers of paying users.

AppsFlyer gave a special mention to Appnext in the report, with particular praise given to our astronomical global growth:Appnext ranked second thanks to an impressive 330% leap in the share of the pie and a 75% growth in the number of apps. Its growth can be mostly attributed to success in India; it also saw gains in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.”

Our rankings in the AppsFlyer Index are an outstanding accomplishment for our passionate and talented Appnexters around the world positioning Appnext as a leader among the global powerhouses in our industry. We remain the only platform that provides end-to-end discovery solutions from the initial device setup and personalization throughout various mobile touchpoints enabling app developers and mobile operators to continually engage users repeatedly throughout their day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for being a big part of our growth and success. As customers, you play a vital role in our achievements; we got thus far because of all of you!.


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