We are utterly thrilled to announce that once again Appnext has achieved an excellent showing in the biannual AppsFlyer Performance Index and is recognized as the leading non-SRN platform on Android devices in the non-gaming category in the Retention Index.

Retention, which measures how engaged mobile users are over time, is undoubtedly the most critical of mobile metrics. Appnext has excelled in this area because of the platform’s unique capability to serve recommendations at multiple points throughout the users’ daily mobile journey, specifically targeting users at moments when they are hyper-engaged and looking for a specific app or service, ensuring such apps are consistently being discovered and reused.

While we scored well across the board in all categories in every single region, one market in particular saw us completely dominate: Southeast Asia.

First, in the Growth Index, which measures the fastest-growing media sources, Appnext was ranked 4th overall on Android, 2nd when removing SRNs. This demonstrates just how much we are excelling in Android-heavy developing markets, which is excellent news because these regions offer so much expansion potential as they lead the way towards a mobile-first future. Second, in the Retention Index, Appnext took the 3rd (1st non-SRN) spot in the shopping vertical on Android, technically ranking behind two of the industry’s powerhouses, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. However, due to both of these networks self-reporting, Appnext is ultimately the leading independent platform in this all-important category.  Crucially, it is a result that illustrates how effective Appnext has been in driving individuals towards specific apps when they are looking for merchandise. Our unparalleled technology is consistently ensuring our clients are getting highly-intent, ready-to-purchase users, particularly in the build-up to and throughout peak shopping periods where the competition for customers is sky-high.

As many of you will know, m-commerce has seen some of the biggest gains compared to other verticals in the last 18 months and forecasts show that mobile shopping will soon account for the lion’s share of the entire e-commerce market. In Southeast Asia, the movement towards mobile shopping has been seismic and Appnext is evidently already reaping the rewards of that shift in consumer behavior.

Third, in the IAP Index (in-app purchases), Appnext was placed in the power ranking top 4 in Southeast Asia for finance, lifestyle & culture and shopping. Again, we beat out competition from major industry players to achieve these outstanding results.

In India, we built on our already well-established regional presence and ranked 5th in finance and 4th in the utility group on Android devices – again, only behind self-reporting platforms.

Our presence in Latin America is also showing encouraging signs of growth. In shopping, we were ranked third on Android devices in the IAP Index, which is a testament to how effective Appnext is in directing the most valuable users to our clients’ apps. In the Retention Index, Appnext is ranked 3rd in LATAM and is 1st overall among non-SRN platforms.

In Eastern Europe, we scored a big win in gaming, having been ranked 8th for hyper-casual games on Android and we were top 4 for lifestyle & culture and finance in the Retention Index.

Our move into Africa is also a resounding success and we were ranked number 3 in the Growth Index, meaning we are expanding at a record pace in this burgeoning and diverse market.

Overall, Appnext was in the top 10 in multiple categories across all regions in the Retention Index. In the Growth Index, Appnext was scored in the top 7 in Southeast Asia, Western Europe, LATAM and Eastern Europe.

It is an absolute pleasure to highlight these fantastic results because they reflect the hard work that our global team puts in every single day.

Finally, we wish to thank our customers for their continued support and for consistently choosing to partner with us.


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