In the app industry, Appnext is best known for its monetization capabilities and user acquisition. In the past two years, Appnext has grown from a small innovative startup into a well-known brand and a real-time platform that offers app developers a fast and easy way to generate revenue by creating an app distribution business. Developers can gain more quality users to engage with their app, while maintaining full control of cost and traffic. In fact, Appnext has grown so much, that our “shop” now offers a variety of tools. Here are the highlights of the Appnext product and service:

 1) Self-Serve Platform – Advertisers CPI

No need to wait for IOs to be signed, tools to be sent via email or Dropbox, or any type of human integration. It’s all there, waiting for you, at any given time of the day, to upload a campaign, edit it, set your bid, launch, pause, review and pay only for valid installs you generated. We’ll be there to give a helping hand when necessary.

2) Transparency

For any optimization process, data is the key. Without data, any type of optimization will be incomplete. Unfortunately, the app industry is still full of blind spots – blind networks and insufficient information are a very well-known phenomenon. Fortunately, Appnext provides any advertiser or publisher the complete funnel. Transparency is not only the bottom line, but a tool in itself: advertiser/publisher full names, categories, countries, payment models, impressions, clicks, installs, CTR, CR, eCPM. Nothing less is acceptable.

3) Control

If transparency is the key, control is the door. Advertisers can control not only their budget and GEO, but also specifically bid for any publisher. Publishers can control their advertiser by category, CPI rate and budget. Where ad networks are afraid to release, Appnext’s approach is that any client should have the freedom to control his own activity, any time. This information, combined with a full self-serve system, results in complete control over your business.

4) Direct-Buys/Marketplace

Appnext openly encourages advertisers to find their most relevant publishers and buy directly and specifically from them, which is why every advertiser has a direct buy option for any publisher in the platform. The Appnext market showcases the most popular and well-known publishers, allowing advertisers to be well-informed as to where they are investing their money and acquiring their users from.

Says Android app developer Wasabi: “Appnext native ads has helped us to integrate ads with the same feel of our apps which is important to the users. Now with Direct -Buys, we can see who is running direct campaign on our apps”

5) Community

Appnext acknowledges that building a company to serve ads is not enough. A true success of a company is measured not only by dollars in the bank, but from the sense of stability and comfort it gives its clients. The Appnext community is a virtual and digital space to discuss ideas regarding the app business as a whole but also approach and raise questions about the Appnext platform for the entire developer community to benefit from.

6) Excellent Service/ Customer-Oriented

Every client needs help from time to time. Whether it’s technical, financial or any other issues, the Appnext support team is known to be the best in the business, responding quickly to any developer, small or big, and helping sort out any issues that may occur. But that’s not all – our team will entertain any creative thoughts you may have related to monetizing or advertising, and will help you optimize your activity to your benefit. Customer satisfaction is Appnext’s first and most important goal.

7) Created by developers, for developers

Appnext is a company who was created by developers who know the needs and pains of fellow developers. That is also why all these unique characteristics converge into one platform – control, transparency, performance-based, support, etc. to create a trust between developers and Appnext that exceeds any other ad monetization solution out there. In the end of the day, Appnext is not just a set of tools that help publishers, developers and advertisers achieve their goals. It is a community, a place where they can all engage, discuss and improve their app business, whatever it may be.


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