Warsaw based superstar developer Mikolaj Janeczek, created a Pokemon Go guide app shortly after the launch of Pokemon Go . The app was a hit, reaching over 5 million downloads in just 14 days. Here are his 3 tips for developers out there trying to make it with satellite apps.

1) Identify an app/game that is catching momentum and rapidly climbing the chart. find a good niche and create a unique app.

2) Think about what the user will get by using your app. Make sure your app is focused and simple, allowing you to launch as soon as possible.

3) Promote your new apps in your other apps and games, and promote your satellite app in forums and communities related to the core app like I did when I created Pokemon Go.

How did he do it? Check out our case study below:


Appnext: What inspired you to create the Pokemon Go guide?

Mikolaj: I got the idea from  my best friend. He was a fan of Pokemon GO, so we decided to create an advanced guide for all players. He made the graphics and wrote the text for the guide. I was able to create the technical side of the project – programming and applying the best monetization tool.

Appnext: How long did it take you from the initial idea stage until launch?

Mikolaj: About 3 weeks.

User Acquisition tactic

Appnext: Which methods did you use to promote your app? Any Specific websites/forums?

Mikolaj: We put a lot of effort into informing Pokemon players of our app. we posted our app link on every Pokemon forum, Reddit, and additional private forums.

Appnext: Did you post on specific days or times?

Mikolaj: We usually posted on weekends, because people  often have more time for games like Pokemon and they have more time to check our app

Appnext:  Is there a specific forum/website or app that got you more traffic?

Mikolaj: No, we didn’t have specific sites or forums. I placed an ad of our guide in my apps portfolio

Appnext: How often do you post content about your app?

Mikolaj: About once every 2 weeks

Appnext: How did you increase downloads?

Mikolaj: We had house ads from my other apps. We promoted the guide in my old apps: and when we got to top 100 – the app boosted

Appnext: How many apps do you have and how many users in total?

Mikolaj: I don’t actually count them, but I think about 100 apps and about 1 million active users.

Marketing Strategy

Appnext: Has your marketing strategy changed since you launched your app?

Mikolaj: Yes. After few days, when we earned some money – we paid for more
professional graphics and app design. Then we put info on Pokemon forums that we extended our app and made it more fresh.


Appnext: Do you only use Appnext for your ads or do you work with other platforms?

Mikolaj: I use Appnext exclusively

Appnext: Where do you place your ad units?

Mikolaj: Usually I place ads on the end of app usage or when the app is making some long process. For example, when game is loading or after finishing the game level

What’s next?

Appnext: What’s next on your plate?

Mikolaj: We are creating new apps and new guides. Currently we are working on new system of house ads to better personalize them

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