Rewarded Video- The “next generation” of native ads, Rewarded video has become an integral part of an app in every aspect. The ads are integrated into the app’s storyboard, displayed on a full screen and are displayed only when the user chooses to watch them.


How To Utilize Native Ads?

  • Make sure Native Advertising is part of your product planning.
  • Think about different patterns to apply different ads (A/B test certain sizes, type of ads). For example, make 2 similar ‘user flow’ scenarios, testing 2 different ads 1 for each scenario ( for example an ad with image vs. only text). allocate a certain percentage of an audience to each flow and compare results. This way you can easily keep the successful flow only.
  • Plan the timing. Consider not only where you want to place the ad, but also when you want to trigger it. For example; only after the user is engaged at certain a level or, a few days after the app is installed.
  • Make sure you have the right amount of Ads. You should always have more than 1 Ad but no more than 3-4 ads per session. Think about the best combinations of different ads types and sizes and place Ads in few locations of the App.
  • To accurately evaluate results, provide a unique code or placement ID for each of the advertised placements. This will enable you to allocate more traffic to the best performing ads, and remove the ones that perform poorly.

Native Advertising – What not to do

Here are examples of how not to do native advertising. Take a look at the Ads below. The ads look TOO native;  blending within the Apps content, making it hard for users to understand that it’s an Ad, resulting in a lack of action by the user.

Taking advantage of  Rewarded video

The Rewarded video format is widely known for its interactive, eye-catching nature. It brings more measurable benefits for developers than any other ad format. A study done by FusePowered concluded that players who watched rewarded videos made 24% more in-app purchases and spent 21% more money than those paying players who did not watch rewarded video. Not only that, CTR of rewarded video is relatively high between 20% to 35% which is nearly 4 to 5 times higher than typical display ads.

Users who receive a reward for watching a video are more engaged and open to viewing ads and installing apps. Since users are motivated to complete the video session, advertisers value the rewarded video inventory (something to bear in mind, as advertisers, will eventually pay higher rates for this traffic.)

Rewarded videos work best as a recharge for coins, lives and retry levels in games, as well as recharge plans, locked content, daily raffles, etc.

rewarded video

Zynga understands rewarded video and utilizes it perfectly. They used rewarded video in their leading free online casino slots game Hit It Rich by rewarding their users with different amount each time. On their first session, players are shown a rewarded-video-ad with a rather large coin payout. After the first session, the ad featuring the large payout is limited and is shown only a few times. This elusive gesture sees high traction as users are unsure when the next opportunity may arise.

get free coins

This is just one example of how to be original and utilize rewarded video. It’s all about being creative and thinking about the best fit for the apps user experience.

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Rewarded Video – What not to do

  • You’re not going to want to interrupt your users while they are playing a game. Make sure you choose wisely when to place your ad. Do it at a natural stage of the game like at the end of the level when users run out of lives.
  • Make sure to create opt in-placements. Getting too many video ads with no option to opt-out will annoy your users and disrupt the user experience.
  • Make sure to make the reward less attractive than the IAP’s. If the reward is more attractive it can take away from potential revenues made by in-app purchases.

As you can see, mastering in-app monetization can be challenging. Thankfully, you have powerful tools like Native and Rewarded video ads to help you conquer the hearts and minds of your users. Take advantage of the tips in this article and who knows? With the predicted growth in Ad spend and the right strategy, you could be well on your way to app monetization heaven.  

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