Our awesome CEO is the ultimate mobile entrepreneur. At the age of 21, he created his first company and has been creating successful business since. In this Target Summit interview, he tells us how he came up with Appnext and provides insights into his entrepreneurial mind.

Understand that in this journey of building a company or creating a service or a solution, there are going to be many small pivots along the way.

Elad Natanson

Elad’s Pillars of Success

  • Be passionate about the industry you work in.
  • Locate a problem in the industry.
  • Create something that is needed to solve that problem.
  • Invest the minimum to see if there is need for that product or service.
  • Constantly evaluate and analyze in order to understand when something isn’t right and should be changed.
  • Remember always what your mission is and what you are doing to fulfill it.

Appnext Today

  • Employees: 130
  • Global Offices: 7
  • Users: 650 million
  • Developers Served: +85,000
  • App Requests (monthly): 50 billion
  • Unique Users Served: 700 million


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