Miki Hakak


Foldable Phones to Fuel an App Revolution

Despite their floundering introduction, foldable phones will return to the public realm very, very soon. After a promising and spectacular unveiling at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona (which we witnessed firsthand, you can read our blog about it here!) the mainstream rollout of foldable phones has ground to a halt, at least for now. Everyone recalls the stories of the high profile screen breakages of the Samsung Galaxy Fold circulating like wildfire in the weeks following the launch. It wasn’t surprising that Samsung quickly pulled the devices off the market and retreated back to the engineering room. Where, until this…

OEMs & Carriers Rising Role in the App Economy

OEMs are critical to the app economy, playing a significant role in determining how, when and why mobile devices are used.The ultimate decision as to what apps will be downloaded to a device may be influenced by OEMs (e.g. pre-install), however research suggests consumers are becoming more and more picky in how they search for apps on their mobile devices. OEM’s are adapting to the oversaturated app economy by distributing their new technology directly into the hands of their users.